003: Kim Sutton, Digital Marketing & Launch Strategist and Founder of Positive Productivity



Kim Sutton, a Digital Marketing & Launch Strategist and founder of Positive Productivity, which seeks to empower entrepreneurs in the areas of self-care, systems and support, shares some of what makes her an internet sensation with more than 50,000 followers on social media.



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Abraham Hicks 
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Brendon Burchard

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte


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Inspirational Quotes:

“We will have a flood if we don’t step away and take time for us.” ~ Kim Sutton

“If I’m just really clear on what I’m doing and why, and I make sure that I scheduled in my calendar the most important events for them, then they’ll realize that I am really here for them – ALWAYS.” ~ Kim Sutton

“Be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself like a child in the best way possible. Indulge yourself, sleep, drink water. Give yourself some space.” ~ Kim Sutton

“Entrepreneurs need to remember to work hard but not be to hard on themselves. It really changes the energy around everything.” ~ Jay Rooke


Listen to @JayRooke and @TheKimSutton discussion about the three pillars of Positive Productivity: Self Care, System and Support, and overcoming financial struggles and anxiety at http://jayrooke.com/003-kim-sutton/. #Podcast #KnowPainKnowGain… Click To Tweet


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