006: Ben Lindbergh, New York Time Best Selling Author


New York Times Best Selling Author, Ben Lindbergh, joins Jay Rooke to discuss his time in Sonoma working and writing about the Sonoma Stompers, working under alongside stats guru Nate Silver, and his work at multi-media startup The Ringer where he covers pop culture, baseball and video games.



Ben’s Books:
The Only Rule Is It Has to Work

Know Pain Know Gain Episode 005: Theo Fightmaster

Sam Miller
Santos Saldivar


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Inspirational Quotes:

“There were a number of times where, even though we try not to make decisions based on small samples, there were times when the small samples all that mattered, really. We needed a decision to go our way for the very first time or else there might not be a second time.” ~ Ben Lindbergh

“In a way from the storytelling perspective, the failures and the stumbles probably helped the book more so than, if we had just sailed from start to finish without encountering any problems. You need some kind of conflicts to add that dramas.” ~ Ben Lindbergh

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