010: SAM EDWARDS, Co-Founder of Sonoma Cannabis Company and Founder of Cultura Crop Management


Born and raised on the Sonoma Coast, Sam Edwards chose to pursue his passion full time in 2014 and jumped headfirst into the cannabis industry. In 2015, He co-founded the Sonoma Cannabis Company which launched the AYA brand in April of 2016. AYA is currently on approximately 60 shelves throughout the state of California. Seeing a lack of cultivation management among newly permitted properties he formed Cultura Management which provides crop management solutions and consulting services throughout the North Bay.


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Sonoma Cannabis Company
Cultura Crop Management


Inspirational Quotes:

“First thing we have to have is the eternal optimist, and have an ultimate trust and confidence in yourself that you will make it through there and you will succeed.” ~ Sam Edwards

“If you don’t stage your success and you’re not prepared for it. You can burn out – real quick.” ~ Sam Edwards

“Happiness is a choice, and you have to wake up every day to make that choice.” ~ Sam Edwards

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