011: JAMES LANGLEY, Founder of LDG Commercial Real Estate and Serial Entrepreneur

James Langley, a northern California native, and founder of Resident Brewing, a partner in the private capital group, Empress Capital Investments, talks about his impoverished childhood, and how that helped shape his work ethic necessary for his career success.



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Inspirational Quotes

“You always have to work on the things that you are weak at – ALWAYS. I try to challenge myself on a daily basis, to be better at things that I’m weak at.” ~ James Langley

“You have to realize when you are hitting your head against the wall, and when you are fighting through something and making some progress and learning more.” ~ James Langley

“Fear and failures, holds all of us back, every single day. Whether it’s something big that we notice, whether something small that we don’t notice, it’s there and it’s there every single day.” ~ James Langley

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