014: MIKE ROBBINS, Author and Speaker

Mike is a former professional baseball player, author of three inspiring, must-read books which has been translated into 14 languages, and one of today’s most dynamic and engaging speakers. His heartwarming story from being a professional baseball player through his exciting journey from working with the top companies all throughout the world will definitely inspire us professionally, emotionally and personally.


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Inspirational Quotes:

“That painful experience is difficult as it was – was a huge blessing and it taught me so much about myself, about life and about so many things.” ~ Mike Robbins

“If you look at people who are most successful and fulfilled in their work, they are usually masters of themselves.” ~ Mike Robbins

“When people and when we’re willing to be vulnerable, to be real, it frees us up to be more of ourselves, it also engages people.” ~ Mike Robbins

“It’s easier to be vulnerable when we’re coming from a place of gratitude, and everything’s okay.” ~ Jay Rooke

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