017: PRISCILLA ESSERT, Author and Executive Director of Vintage House



Priscilla is a professional musician, the author of “My Life as a Pancreas”, and is currently the Executive Director of Vintage House, where she tries to bring a startup mentality to a 30+ year old non-profit.

In this episode, Jay and Priscilla discussed strategic planning, efficient problem solving, wise decision making, cost-benefit analysis, self-care and so much more.



Priscilla’s Book:
My Life as a Pancreas: Reflections on Raising a Child with Diabetes


Connect with Priscilla:

Vintage House Website 
Email: priscilla.essert@vintagehouse.org


Inspirational Quotes:

“More isn’t always better.” ~ Priscilla Essert

“You just have to keep moving forward and not worry about the mistakes.” ~ Priscilla Essert

@JayRooke and Priscilla Essert discussed about #strategic planning, efficient #problem solving, wise #decision making, cost-benefit analysis, self care and so much more. Tune in at http://jayrooke.com/017 for more. Click To Tweet


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