034: Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Pakistan with Fawaad Saleem



“Experience does not have a shortcut”

In this episode, Jay will be talking to Fawaad Saleem, the Founder of Digital Tribe and channel partner in Pakistan for e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Jay and Fawaad discuss the mindset shifts necessary to transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, and how to think about effectively scaling one’s business model. They also explore how the internet has radically changed the entrepreneurial landscape and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in Fawaad’s hometown of Karachi, Pakistan.

Episode Highlights

2:02    Fawaad’s roots
8:28    Work on things you are passionate about
15:23  The start of Fawaad’s entrepreneurial journey
27:39  Entrepreneurial flavor of Pakistan
36:06  The Alibaba opportunity



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Connect with Fawaad

Website: http://www.digitaltribe.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fawaad.saleem
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fawaadsaleem/


Inspirational Quotes:

4:36 “The problem with professional education, it makes you a great manager, it doesn’t make you a great entrepreneur” -Fawaad Saleem

8:14 “Not that we are casting corporate as being bad… but for a person that is wired to be an entrepreneur it could not be a worst fit for them” -Jay Rooke

8:58 “Half of your life your working on something…so if you’re not passionate about what you are doing, you are going to fail” -Fawaad Saleem

21:10 “The skill sets that we need are not in your text books, they’re not something your going to learn in a university, they’re not something that someone will teach you, it is something you need to teach yourself” -Fawaad Saleem talking about the digital innovation

22:17 “Experience does not have a shortcut” – Fawaad Saleem


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