041: Doing Business with Others’ Savings with Will Braunstein


“It comes down to authenticity. If you’re able to show who you are and make it real, it really helps.”

In this episode, Jay talks to Will Braunstein, CEO of USA RX about creating businesses that are scalable. Will is a serial entrepreneur and advisor with several successful exits who shares his story of how his pursuit of entrepreneurship has evolved over the years.

As Will relates, knowing what you want and being who you are can give you new perspectives-the key to getting to new heights. “Business is about the people and the company.”


Episode Highlights

02:20 Profit While Saving Health While Saving Money
20:10 Keeping the Inspiration
30:30 Passion Business
31:52 Finding the Right Guy for the Job
39:39 Advising Myself



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Connect with Will


Website: http://www.usarx.com/
Email: will@usarx.com
Twitter:  https://www.twiter.com/wbraunstein


Inspirational Quotes:

  • 24:04 “When you’re selling yourself in a way that doesn’t resonate with yourself, there will be problems and quick.” -Will Braunstein
  • 30:56 “The passion is for the company and for the people that we build around the company. -Will Braunstein, talks about passion for the company and the people as opposed to passion for products
  • 41:25 “I’ve been spending all the extra time and focus on how to grow the business, but not the same amount of time and focus trying to grow my capacity to manage the stress of that.  It’s like a just trying to do more weight all the time. You’re just gonna end up hurt.” -Jay Rooke
  • 41:47 “It is not nearly as bad to have a little time. Wait till it gets better.”-Jay Rooke
  • 43:43 “When their identity bleeds in the business’s identity, it’s important to remember that when the business is failing, doesn’t mean that you are a failure.” –Jay Rooke


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