056: One Hour Funnel with Cody Burch

by Jay Rooke | Know Pain Know Gain

056: One Hour Funnel with Cody Burch

“Money is a time coupon.”


In this episode, Jay talks with Cody Burch, founder of One Hour Funnel.  Cody runs a digital agency where he helps business owners increase their exposure and convert more leads.  Jay and Cody discuss what it’s like to walk away from corporate to launch your first business, taking one’s own advice, increasing the authenticity of one’s marketing and breaking the employee mentality in order to embrace value-based pricing.  


Episode Highlights

01:47 Entrepreneurship + 3 Kids
09:37 Helping People with Funnels
13:33 Money is a Time Coupon
21:11 How One Hour Funnel Started
38:51 Being Authentic

Inspirational Quotes:

“Money is a time coupon.” ~ Cody Burch
“Fake fans don’t buy.” ~ Cody Burch