101: How To Make More Family Time and More Income with Austin Sams

“The key differentiation of how you actually make time with your family is how you scale smart.”

In this episode, Jay talks to Austin Sams, founder of Family Entrepreneurs. Jay and Austin discuss: how to align your family and business life to have more family time while earning more money, the need to reevaluate how you spend your time as often as possible, being authentic with the type of life you want rather than going with societal ideologies, implementing your life rules, observing your shut off time, setting yourself up for success through recurring revenue, and so much more…

Episode Highlights:

  • 01:44 The Secret To More Family Time
  • 05:23 How To Have Time for Family and Money
  • 10:51 Set Rules For Life
  • 15:32 Be Real
  • 18:48 Kid Time
  • 24:46 Your Life and Your Business


Connect with Austin:

Austin Sams helps Family Entrepreneurs who value time over money — but who also need to support their family — by sharing exactly how to build a consistent income. After running several multi-million dollar businesses for someone else, he started over to prove that he could create a highly profitable business from scratch, without sacrificing his wife and kids.  By applying unique strategies, he built a freedom business and now enjoys a multi-six figure net income, working 2 hours per day from home. He believes on your death bed you will care more about the time you spent (or didn’t spend) with your family than the money you made.  And that your spouse and kids will remember you either for your presence or your absence in their lives.  That’s why his mission is to show entrepreneurs that you can have an amazing business AND an amazing family life!

Inspirational Quotes:

“The key differentiation of how you actually make time with your family is how you scale smart.”

“If you're intentional with the vision you want- write it down, think about it, meditate on it, and visualize it- it actually comes true.”

“It's all about setting a target and then checking in. You need to realign because we all get off.”

“There's so much dissatisfaction because we're pursuing what ego wants more than our true essence.”

“You need to give yourself permission to do less each day, but more important things.”


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