102: Tools & Tips for the Global Businessman (Things You Wish You Knew Beforehand) with Kyle Hegarty


In this week’s show, I interviewed Kyle Hegarty, General Manager of TSL Marketing in Singapore, and author of The Accidental Business Nomad. Kyle helps leaders and teams refocus their company culture towards global innovation so they can grow their sales and marketing capabilities across new markets. This conversation is very timely and practical because as innovative entrepreneurs approaching the new normal, we need a borderless marketplace where we can maximize our potential. However, being clueless before diving into this avenue has so much risk and may even lead to failure. Kyle shares the challenges of entrepreneurs launching their first venture in an international setting and how to overcome these challenges, how to win against the local competition, how to adapt to cultural differences and language barriers, and some useful tools for global entrepreneurs. So if you’re an entrepreneur with an adventurous spirit looking into the international market, click on the link below for some useful tips, tools, and wisdom:



Episode Highlights:
01:19 Confusing Carrer Directions
06:14 The Accidental Business Nomad
09:14 Reconfiguring Things 
14:42 Language Barriers and Cultural Variations
22:05 Go To Vietnam
29:32 How To Compete With Local Competition
35:12 Your Survival Guide To The International Market
41:10 Tools For Global Businessmen


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Connect with Kyle:

Kyle D. Hegarty, originally from Boston, lives and works in Singapore where he is the Managing Director of TSL Marketing, a global consulting firm that helps businesses grow their sales and marketing capabilities across new markets. At TSL, Kyle runs the Cross-Cultural Leadership Division where he helps clients such as Salesforce, Google, Lufthansa, INSEAD, Thomson Reuters, and Microsoft wrestle with global growth challenges. He is a frequent speaker and trainer around the world. MSNBC, CNN, The Straits Times, Singapore Business Review, Fortune Magazine, and other online publications have featured his work. 


Inspirational Quotes:

  • 04:13 “The communications technology has advanced, but communication hasn’t.” -Kyle Hegarty
  • 14:58 “While language is always an issue… the problem is the communication underneath the language.” -Kyle Hegarty
  • 16:24 “You could have had a perfectly clear conversation in the same language. But both sides walk away thinking entirely different things. And that is what happens over and over again.” -Kyle Hegarty
  • 30:26 “When it comes to international foreign business, don’t trust your gut.” -Kyle Hegarty
  • 33:29 “What leaders and entrepreneurs have to do is understand the local game if they want to play in it.” -Kyle Hegarty


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