103: Status: Financially Free!! with Judd Armstrong


For this week’s treat, I had an amazing exchange with Judd Armstrong, Founder of Jaybird and modern entrepreneur. Judd’s key focus is on helping people obtain independence, self-sufficiency, and financial freedom. What’s noteworthy about this convo, is while we are aware that there is a price set for great things, we are often hesitant to take that big leap and Judd’s story is like a map for navigating the ebbs and flows of the entrepreneurial journey while setting a solid stance towards sustainable success. Judd reveals how he changed his financial status from being broke to being financially independent, the eight (8) truths about entrepreneurs, how to change our outcomes by having the “YES” mentality,  the guide to having a fresh and unique perspective, the Excavate-Expand-Experience Method of embracing big ideas, how to succeed in Bitcoin Trading, and much more!


 “Life gives us one word: It’s either a YES or NO… When we grow up with a YES, that’s such an empowering thing.” -Judd Armstrong


Episode Highlights:

01:30 Status: Totally Broke
06:56 Say It With A Hearty “Yes!” 
12:46 Lock-In What You Want 
19:30 Clash of Corporates and Entrepreneurs
22:01 8 Truths About Being an Entrepreneur
28:12 How to Come Up Fresh and Unique
32:42 Status: Financially Independent
36:12 How to Succeed in Bitcoin Trade
41:14 Excavate, Expand, and Experience 


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Connect with Judd:

Judd Armstrong is an Australian entrepreneur who arrived in the USA with nothing to his name but a wedding ring and a dream. Starting from a $10/ hour retail job and tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt, Judd had a wild idea to take on the big headphone brands and start a wireless headphone revolution. So in 2006 Jaybird was born. After years of struggle and uncertainty, Jaybird ultimately went on to become the third top premium headphone brand in the USA alongside Beats and Bose. Judd sold Jaybird to Logitech in 2016 for $95 million. His Jump app, which is due to be released in July, sprung from his intensive study of the power of positive thought and how our subconscious plays into our relationship with happiness, health, and wealth. 


Inspirational Quotes:

  • 06:02 “Put yourself in the position to win every time. And when you make those kinds of sacrifices, good things can really happen.” -Judd Armstrong
  • 08:44 “We’re not defined by our past; we’re defined by a vision of our future.” -Judd Armstrong
  • 09:00 “Life gives us one word: It’s either a YES or NO… When we grow up with a yes, that’s such an empowering thing.” -Judd Armstrong
  • 14:20 “If you want to get out of being locked into that old memory of your past, first of all, you got to make it okay to be imperfect.” -Judd Armstrong
  • 26:28 “When we bring in maximizing monetization too early in the creative process, it shuts down the heart, the service, and the giving. It feels much more transactional and people read off of that.” -Jay Rooke
  • 42:39 “You got to be passionate about the right things. When you connect in with that inspired part of you and when you take a little bit introspection on a regular basis, you tap into some directions because you’re following your heart instead of following your mind.” -Judd Armstrong
  • 42:58 “You’re supposed to follow your heart and your mind will keep you safe on the heart-selected journey direction.” -Judd Armstrong



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