104: Embrace The Art of Showing Up with Shadeed Eleazer


In this episode, I had an insightful convo with Shadeed Eleazer, Baltimore’s leading Small Business Advisor. Half of being an entrepreneur revolves around building a network and the other half is all about nurturing that network. This discussion is striking to me because, as entrepreneurs, we always engage in transactions, barely noticing that our relationships are gradually turning transactional as well- solely need-based, without the human element of it. In relation to that, Shadeed talks about being intentional as to why, where, and how we show up, and for whom should we primarily do it for. He also discusses how to deal with the dynamic nature of relationships, understand the Power Circle concept, being founded on your core values, and so much more!


 “If you want to balance, you have to think about what you stand for as if it’s the contract by which you see the world and the agreements that you keep with the world around you.” -Shadeed Eleazer


Episode Highlights:

02:14 Family Businesses, Profits, and Reinvestments
07:14 Ego and Performance 
13:01 The Art of Showing Up
22:46 Projects Over Tasks
26:26 The Ever-Changing State of Relationships
30:34 Values Over Tactics
35:04 The Power Circle
42:44 How to Scale Your Network Rapidly


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The Daily Accountability Journal by Shadeed Eleazar


Connect with Shadeed:

Shadeed Eleazer is a US Navy Veteran, and Baltimore’s leading Small Business Advisor. He helps 6 and 7 figure Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and Public Figures convert their authority and influence into a steady stream of leads and sales online. He is the leader of the most prominent Black Business Partnership network on the East Coast of the United States. As a Philanthropist, Shadeed has organized community redevelopment campaigns that have raised millions of dollars to empower lower-income communities. As a Venture Capitalist, he also invested in the growth of over 200 startup businesses through a Community Fund and a scholarship fund that has provided a college education for 100 at-risk youth. Shadeed is the host of the talk show, Conversational Currency, Baltimore’s leading small business talk show which focuses on the value and importance of social skills for business in a digital era. has been featured on television and radio to over 700,000 households in the greater Maryland area.


Inspirational Quotes:

  • 02:21 “Family is the first business.” -Shadeed Eleazer
  • 03:13 “To profit is to reinvest.”-Shadeed Eleazer
  • 03:47 “Bloom where you’re planted.” -Shadeed Eleazer
  • 12:08 “Coaches need coaches.” -Shadeed Eleazer
  • 15:15 “Being available for the people in moments that matter will set a framework that will almost give you the serenity in the times that you need to take a time away.”  -Shadeed Eleazer
  • 24:12 “Business plan is a living document. There are  several subsections within the business plan that tie into the growth and maintenance of our business.” -Shadeed Eleazer
  • 26:26 “Life is dynamic. And the biggest mistake that we often make is we lock ourselves into moments in time.”  -Shadeed Eleazer
  • 28:25 “We should not hold on to what we’ve come to know but nurture what is to be.” -Shadeed Eleazer
  • 32:50 “If you want to balance, you have to think about what you stand for as if it’s the contract by which you see the world and the agreements that you keep with the world around you.” -Shadeed Eleazer
  • 47:13 “The power of a good conversation is that it leaves with you some action items that you can do internal work with.” -Shadeed Eleazer



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