106: How TikTok Could Get You Back In The Marketing Game with Kate Pintor


In this episode, I sat down for an intriguing interview with Kate Pintor, Marketing Synthesist, and TikTok Expert. Kate helps her clients build strong leadership and work culture that thrives. Kate and I talk about all things TikTok and why entrepreneurs should start considering this platform as an innovative business strategy. This conversation resonates a lot with me, not only because it made the headlines lately, which makes it all the more intriguing, but also because as entrepreneurs, we are always looking for ways to authentically build a connection with the people we serve. And TikTok is apparently moving forward to serve that very purpose. While TikTok swiftly invades the social media space, others remain skeptical about it. Today, Kate talks about why entrepreneurs hesitate to utilize TikTok for their marketing and how to turn those hesitations into motivations instead. Kate also shares important points to remember when creating your content, delivering value, knowing the avatar you’re speaking to, building trust, and so much more! TikTok can be a great platform to get rid of all those boring, mechanical marketing that people don’t buy anymore.


“It builds trust for people to see an entire human being in terms of coaching and in that particular industry.”-Kate Pintor


Episode Highlights:

00:52 What’s The Big Deal With Tik Tok 
05:01 Tik Tok and Your Business
09:40 Deliver Your Value With Fun!
12:23  Why TikTok Is A Great Platform For You!
17:04 Get Goofy!- How to Get Over The Fear of Exposing Your Vulnerability  
22:53 How to Own Your Quirkiness 
26:25 Hit Record!- How To Get Started With TikTok
32:04 Show Up!


Are you already on TikTok? And we’re not talking about leisure. We’re talking about being on TikTok to expand your market. Tune in as @JayRooke and @kate_pintor discuss why and how TikTok can be a great platform for you! Listen at… Click To Tweet




Connect with Kate:

With over 17 years of transformational leadership training under her belt, dual coaching certifications in Strengths Strategy and Awake Coaching, and as one of the top 5% of strengths coaches in the world, Kate Pintor brings wisdom and creative energy to the leadership and culture of organizations. Kate is passionate about creating work cultures where people can thrive and inspires fierce ownership of the emotional wake we each have around our stories. Her personal journey of resilience and overcoming severe long term illness sparks a powerful relatable urgency.


Inspirational Quotes:

  • 06:07 “Make marketing fun again!” -Kate Pintor
  • 06:55Tik Tok is an invitation to authenticity.” -Kate Pintor
  • 08:40 “Entrepreneurs need a space that they can be a whole person and get off the pedestal that people put you on… And [Tik Tok] takes that pedestal away and now we’re re-engaging more authentically.”  -Kate Pintor
  • 10:41 If you’re giving value and you’re consistent, that’s putting the money in the meter. You have to be consistently showing up.” -Kate Pintor
  • 11:03 “When people see you having fun and being more creative in how you create your content, they will not only come in with great respect, but they will reemerge.” -Kate Pintor
  • 12:53 “People are concealing their originality and that has not served them in their marketing.” -Kate Pintor
  • 18:21 “There’s something that’s massively cathartic and empowering and freeing when that business owner realizes, ‘Oh, wait! I can let goofy out! I don’t need to be hiding half of myself all day long’.” -Jay Rooke
  • 23:37 “It builds trust for people to see an entire human being in terms of coaching and in that particular industry.”-Kate Pintor
  • 26:00 “Share your character but you don’t have to be a caricature.” -Jay Rooke
  • 29:22 “Provide the clarity that’s going to change lives and capture yourself doing it.” -Kate Pintor
  • 31:53 “Let’s stop being so damn serious all the time. And just live just a little bit and know that it’s okay.” -Jay Rooke
  • 33:13 “Forget what you think you know and just show up.” -Kate Pintor

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