107: The Best Future Advice To Balance Your Fear Of The Unknown with Kenton Bell


This week, your KPKG hour is turning into your KPKG power! We often say how things are good but we wish we knew how to apply them in our lives. Well, why not! It is my earnest wish to provide richer empowerment hence, I tweaked our weekly bonding a little. As we bring in experts and geniuses in their fields, we also get to watch them live in action. Our first guest in this series is Transformational Coach, Kenton Bell. Just thinking about what tomorrow will bring gives us a bag of anxiety. Evidently, this fear of the unknown caused some to get stuck and others to step backwards. Today, Kenton teaches us how to balance that fear so we can live our intentions, step into our growing edge, create a discovery space where we can build a solid foundation for a future we cannot see, cultivate deliberate decisiveness, be childlike in how we work through our choices, and so much more! If you’re still thirsting for more, let’s turn over the host’s chair to Kenton and watch him live with some of our sponsors. Maybe their questions are also your dilemmas at the moment.


“Things happen differently when we’re in… the place where comfort ends, and the unknown begins.” -Kenton Bell


Episode Highlights:

03:16 Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired 
08:11 How To Craft A Vision In The Future That Can’t Be Seen 
17:57 Step Into Your Growing Edge
26:15 Grab The Opportunity To Make Something Happen
37:06 Why You Should Cultivate Deliberate Decisiveness
43:20 The “Right” Mindset


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Connect with Kenton:

As a Transformational Coach, Writer, Workshop Facilitator, Kenton worked with thousands of individuals from all walks of life- from top United Nations Officials, Hollywood Producers, CEO’s, Leadership Teams as well as many in the Mental Health Field. Kenton has also worked with large organizational energies to improve functionality, team building, discovering previously unknown issues, and underlying dynamics that allow an organization to function to its greater potential and evolve organically tapping their greatest resources- Human Resources!


Inspirational Quotes:

  • 13:27 “When we’re expanding into who we really are, it’s about taking on more of our soul, dropping what we’re not.” -Kenton Bell
  • 16:39 “As we don’t know exactly how to play the games yet… you can still lean into the resonance of what feels right and what is showing up back to you as the answer.” -Jay Rooke
  • 20:40 “Don’t do the easy thing. Do the thing that scares you a little bit.” -Kenton Bell  
  • 21:15 “Things happen differently when we’re in… the place where comfort ends, and the unknown begins.” -Kenton Bell
  • 21:53 “Everything you want is outside your comfort zone.” -Kenton Bell
  • 34:03 “The inner journey is not about what we’re seeing out there but about the inner there.”  -Kenton Bell
  • 39:04 “Sometimes it’s really good to make choices even if it’s not necessarily the right choice but it starts to move us forward.”  -Kenton Bell
  • 44:50Nobody knows anything right now. The only thing we know we can know by feeling what we’re feeling through.” -Jay Rooke 

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