108: Beat The Naming Challenge! -How to Create Brandable Names That Will Get People To Sign Up with Holly Chantal


What’s in a name? This week, I am joined by Holly Chantal, a Business Integrator and Brand Strategist. You may remember Holly from Episode 059 where we talked about business experiments. And today, I’m excited to have her talk about that one thing that gets us pulling our hairs out for- brand naming. Of course, we want a name that can do the marketing for us and can represent exactly what we stand for. But sometimes, our brain just isn’t excreting enough creative juices for that. It’s about time to take that pressure off of our shoulders and learn from an expert. Today, Holly comes to the rescue with her signature brand naming methodology, Trailblazing Trifecta. She also gives valuable pointers on determining when is the right time to start thinking about your brand name, what makes a good brand name, and whether you have a good brand message that speaks well to your tribe. To better understand these concepts, Julie Galvin, a Decision-Making Strategist joins our forum and Holly walks her through her naming methodology live.


The name isliterally like an address. It has nothing to do with the results you’re delivering. Focusing on messaging is definitely more important than just the name.” -Holly Chantal


Episode Highlights:

01:52 The Naming Challenge
07:18 How To Stop The Naming Struggle
16:37 What Makes a Good Name
21:27 How About Tag Lines? 
32:06 Holly In Action With Julie Galvin
48:18 How Holly Can Help You





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Connect with Holly:

Holly Chantal is a Business Integrator and Brand Strategist. She works with experienced entrepreneurs to bring their brand and marketing systems in alignment with their next level of growth. She uses an integrated approach in her coaching to build a masterpiece. Her expertise includes crafting a brand message, authority positioning, strategic website design, building sales funnels, and copywriting. With a decade of experience, Holly is out to help her clients believe that their dreams are possible and there is a way to achieve them. 


Inspirational Quotes:

  • 06:36 “First-time business owners think they won’t be perceived as legitimate if they change their name early on when actually it’s a sign of a very good healthy growth and progression.” -Jay Rooke
  • 10:31 The name is literally like an address. It has nothing to do with the results you’re delivering. Focusing on messaging is definitely more important than just the name.” -Holly Chantal
  • 19:32 “Conversational is the name of the game- The less you have to be in marketing or sales speak and the more you can just talk about it like a normal person. The more it’s going to land for people because people are sick of being marketed to.”  -Holly Chantal
  • 25:22 “When people take it too far, it’s usually because they’re… not focused on the client. That’s where the problem is.”  -Holly Chantal
  • 47:12 “A lot of time we don’t even realize [things] until we have that someone else with that eye looking at it.” -Holly Chantal

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