109: The New and Better Way To Approach Entrepreneurship- The One Thing We Should Start Practicing Today! with Sarah Negus


For this week’s treat, Sarah Negus, “The Modern Day Shaman”, joins us all the way from London. Sarah’s expertise is on helping her clients identify their challenges, explore what is holding them back, and uncover communication patterns. I am excited about this conversation because as entrepreneurs, we often go through stagnant moments, whether in our business or professional lives. And in this remarkable time that we are in right now, it is crucially vital that we lean in towards the spiritual aspect of our entrepreneurial journey. Our day-to-day hustles have drowned our opportunity to flourish as spiritual beings and frankly, that is the most significant piece in fulfilling our purpose and satisfying our passion. 


Sarah talks mainly about weaving in spiritual practices in our endeavors. Along with that, we also learn about what would happen if we kept ignoring our calling, what is involved in reinventing ourself, what shamanism and psychosynthesis are, how to lay down judgment and cultivate faith for the unseeable, what it means to think on your foot, and how to honor lived experiences.


“Success consciousness is the consciousness of being when you know that you’re a miracle incarnate.” -Sarah Negus


Episode Highlights:

02:20 What Will Happen If You Did Not Follow Your Calling
08:16 What It Means To Reinvent Yourself
17:05 What Is Psychosynthesis
24:14 Shamanism & the Western World
29:51 A Massive Opportunity To Change
37:47 #SuccessConsciousness
41:24 Give Up The HOW
42:01 Experience Time





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Connect with Sarah:

Former investment banker Sarah, 52, from Surrey, cured her illnesses, changed her career, and gained the emotional strength to leave her marriage after learning how to use shamanic energy. Sarah now works as ‘The Modern Day Shaman’, with clients across the globe including entrepreneurs and CEOs who use her shamanic techniques to help them to become more successful and earn more money. Sarah uses her 20 plus years of shamanic experience combined with modern psychology and mindset control to enable clients to uncover hidden potential and inspire change.


Inspirational Quotes:

  • 02:20 “If you don’t follow your calling… it turns around and starts to make you unwell.”  -Sarah Negus
  • 13:34 “When we fill that hole, all those subconscious drivers that we were following to try to fill in other ways… start to dissipate and we realize the matrix starts to fall apart a little more.” –Jay Rooke
  • 19:39 “You have to go back before you can go forward on wherever, whatever level you’re on.” -Sarah Negus
  • 22:39 “Those who pay tremendous attention to what’s going on as they live their lives are actually learning and extracting more wisdom from that process than book learning.” -Jay Rooke
  • 24:17 “What we are in the now is made up of our past.”  -Sarah Negus
  • 28:43 “What we think matters massively. And when there is hysteria, there’s chaos. When there’s chaos, there’s creation.  But the chaos has to be held by some people.” -Sarah Negus
  • 30:30 “We’re here in a moment in time that will forever be remembered. And it’s whether or not we, as a global community can come through this change with faith in the future and in humanity for the greatest good… Intrinsically, we are all good.” -Sarah Negus
  • 31:49 “You can’t change what you can’t see.” -Sarah Negus
  • 38:31 “It is our job to use our bodies and use our minds to express our spiritual self. So, we have to find a balance between the two things.” -Sarah Negus
  • 38:43 “If you feel obligated to do anything, stop it now. Anything that has an obligation or is tied up with a need to be seen or valued is distorted.” -Sarah Negus
  • 39:10 “Success consciousness is the consciousness of being when you know that you’re a miracle incarnate.” -Sarah Negus
  • 41:26 “Think really big to the point where you don’t know how it’s gonna happen but you know it means something to you. And then give up the idea of HOW.” -Sarah Negus
  • 42:23 “Being able to receive money is an expression of love for yourself. But I own the most money when I have the most fun. And the most fun comes for me when I’m aligned with this very big vision that I have for myself.”  -Sarah Negus

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