110: Say Goodbye to Decision Fatigue! 7 Questions to Gain Clarity with Wendy Hart


In this episode, I speak with Wendy Hart, Founder of Wendy Hart Coaching. Wendy helps her clients find clarity and wisdom to make decisions they can be proud of. As entrepreneurs, we make decision after decision every day to keep our business running and stable, and that is, apart from decisions we also have to make in our personal lives. As we spend more of our mental powers, our decision-making capacity depletes. At the end of the day, it’s not only our body that gets worn out but also our mind. As a result, we end up making reckless decisions or just doing nothing at all- either way, we are stuck. Poor decisions basically stem from having decision fatigue. Today, Wendy and I talk about how to make intelligent decisions easier. Wendy shares why strategizing is not needed in accessing our deepest needs, how we can build trust in the decisions we make, the 3 steps in effective decision-making, why commitment is a must, why we get stuck, and the 7 questions that can help us gain clarity. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for the fastest way to gain clarity, or just wanting to be better in your decision-making ability, this episode is definitely a must-listen-to!


Commitment is bigger than a choice or a decision. There is an energy that happens when we get committed to a thing that dials in.” -Wendy Hart


Episode Highlights:

02:53 Access Your Deep Intuitive Wisdom 
07:12 Where You Don’t Need To Strategize
11:13 Something Bigger Than A Decision
19:39 3 Steps to Decision-Making and Commitment 
25:49 Jay’s Dilemma
36:59 7 Questions Towards Clarity 
49:00 Why People Get Stuck


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Connect with Wendy:

Wendy Hart was trained at the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. She is a Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and TPM (Thought Pattern Management,) IFS (Internal Family Systems Model of Psychotherapy) the Sedona Method, Emotional Freedom Technique, David Grove’s ‘Clean Language,’ and much more. A member of the International Coaching Federation and the International Association of Coaches, Wendy is also a former Board Member of the National Speakers Association, Northern CA Chapter. In addition to Coaching and Speaking, she still sings, performing Inspirational Pop Music at selected conferences and her own live events, as well as occasionally sitting in at a jazz club or two. After living many years in Chicago, Wendy finally escaped the snow, and she now calls San Diego home. Wendy not only overcame her own anxiety, she trained to become a Professional Performance Coach that has helped thousands of other clients worldwide get unstuck as well.


Inspirational Quotes:

  • 07:31 “There’s another way to access our deepest needs that have nothing to do with strategy because strategy actually preempts the process.” -Wendy Hart
  • 11:13Commitment is bigger than a choice or a decision. There is an energy that happens when we get committed to a thing that dials in.” -Wendy Hart
  • 24:04 “We don’t know what’s possible for us. So what you need to do is temporarily divorce them.” -Wendy Hart
  • 38:40 “It’s not a wrongness to be demanding.” -Wendy Hart
  • 50:50 “The uncertainty that it might not happen was way difficult than the commitment to the journey.” -Jay Rooke
  • 51:39 “When you’re stuck, all it means is that you have competing commitments underneath them.” -Wendy Hart
  • 55:04 “2020 is the year of breakdowns. It may also the year of breakthroughs.” -Jay Rooke

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