111: The Quantum Physics You Need When Things Are Not Working Out- No Complex Science; Only Practical Applications! with Lenka Lutonska


This week, we have Lenka Lutonska in the house, the Limitless Millionaire Mentor and author of Energetic Selling and Marketing. We all have times when, despite having done everything we can, things aren’t working out the way we want them to be. At times, we’re perplexed just thinking what went wrong or whether we are meant to do what we’re trying to accomplish. Today, Lenka offers a unique perspective on energetic alignment and how it alters our present. Her advice is actually based on Quantum Physics, which we can find practical applications for.  She also talks about how the “lack mentality” can get us in trouble, especially when working with a business partner, how to get into the higher thinking mode, and how to work energetically. On top of that, Lenka shares one exercise that can instantly empower the mind, the whopping distinction between ego and intuition, and ways to determine whether you should build a community in the social media space and if you do, how to make it work.


 “We’re designed to have desires only around things that we’re meant to do… You just need to adjust your setting so you can experience it fully.”  -Lenka Lutonska


Episode Highlights:

01:05 The Missing Link in Entrepreneurship
07:42 The “Lack Mentality” 
13:03 Practical Exercise to Empower The Mind 
20:36 Ego vs Intuition
30:11 Connect with the Higher Mind
39:53 Is Facebook Community For You?   
46:05 How To Work Energetically
50:50 What To Do When In Doubt


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Connect with Lenka:

Lenka Lutonska is fire-filled and tactically-trained Business Strategist and Mindset Maven; an NLP certified Master Coach and Trainer; a “super mom” (not my words, but I’ll happily take them) to three boys; wife to one wonderful husband; and a slave to one bossy cat. She has amazing skills that help women to come to their fullness and succeed in a business that feeds their soul and bank account in equal measure – big style. What makes Lenka different? She doesn’t just talk. She delivers.


Inspirational Quotes:

07:55 “There’s nothing wrong with business partnership but the energy from which we want somebody else to help us has to do with everything. If we get that business partner because we think that they’re going to fix something, it’s not going to work.” -Lenka Lutonska

08:38 “You need to learn to believe in yourself 150% that you are in charge and it’s going to happen through YOU.” -Lenka Lutonska

10:10 “Do it the first time through. The suffering is optional.” -Jay Rooke

11:38 “We’re designed to have desires only around things that we’re meant to do… You just need to adjust your setting so you can experience it fully.”  -Lenka Lutonska

25:39 “This is why we’re stuck: It’s not that they sometimes don’t know what to do, but they’re scared to go through it. Successful entrepreneurship requires incredible amounts of bravery and courage.” -Lenka Lutonska

 28:33 “If you’re trying to go where you’ve never gone before, you need to up level your risk tolerance and emotional ability to navigate these things. Otherwise, you’re overwhelming your system.” -Jay Rooke

35:10 “Our intuition is the best business strategist and best sales coach.”  -Lenka Lutonska

 42:54 “It’s not up to your clients to suddenly want to magically buy from you. It’s your responsibility to help them understand the value and actively sell.” -Lenka Lutonska

47:25 “Show up in allowing yourself to show up.” -Jay Rooke

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