113: BAR40- How to Move Towards Your Best Year Ever! with Eric Bartosz


Eric J. Bartosz, the Founder of BAR40, stops by this week in our KPKG stage. A day in our lives revolves mainly around hassles and hustles. There are even times (if not most of the time) when we start to wonder if we’re still alive! The set up of our society sucks the joy out of our lives. But not anymore! Eric’s Bar 40 Method counteracts that default we’re programmed to follow. I am particularly intrigued by his methodology that combines self-empowerment and fun. Today, Eric expands more on how the Bar40 method works, along with our goal of becoming the best version of ourselves. He shares two ways we usually look at things, how these perceptions affect how we react, how we can balance ambition and acceptance, and how to set up a new standard for personal excellence in our terms. The Bar40 method is sustainable and fun. Nobody wants to show up feeling anxious and stressed out. Stop cheating on yourself! It is your responsibility to hold yourself accountable for your success and happiness.


“Everyday, each of us, is the author of our own life story based on our choices, habits, and actions.  At the same time, history is not destiny. Each morning brings a fresh page we get to write on to decide where the plot goes next.” -Eric Bartosz


Episode Highlights:

02:28 40- The Age of Change
10:25 Be Acquainted with Your Future Self
22:11 Break Your Barriers 
28:55 Enough is Enough
34:24 Why 52 Weeks? 
43:00 Where is the Fun?  
49:53 What’s the Goal?
52:42 Consult with BAR40 Coaches


Have you been cheating on yourself? Join @JayRooke and Eric J. Bartosz, the Founder of BAR40, as they talk about how you can create a manageable plan to empower yourself and achieve success in just 52 weeks! Listen at… Click To Tweet



Connect with Eric:

Eric J. Bartosz is the Founder of Bar40 and author of the best selling book of the same name. Eric works as the US Director of Business Development at Contra Vision and an Out of Home Marketing and Business Strategist. Eric is passionate about outdoor life. Although he loved running, he wasn’t losing that much weight. As a result, Eric began contemplating a lifestyle change and establishing accountability with himself. When he reached 40, he had the big AHA moment when he took that milestone year into the most memorable year of his life. He started to live with his purpose and walked his journey to become the best version of himself.

Inspirational Quotes:

11:13“A lot of times, we’re in a reactive state in life. All we’re trying to do is get through that day and at the end of the day collapse into bed exhausted, unless we take a specific step to kind of counteract that.”  -Eric J. Bartosz

29:07  “When you’re starting to take back control and power for all of these things, you’re not in a victim mindset anymore.” -Jay Rooke

32:02 “When we can take control of what our actual goals are, it puts us in the driver’s seat and allows us to hit them.” -Jay Rooke

33:50 “There is no great result without effort.” -Eric Bartosz

43:44 “The element that we’re setting our own goals that are really important to us- that’s a huge difference as opposed to being assigned something. The goals have to be significant to YOU.”  -Eric Bartosz

45:26 “Catch yourself doing something right. Sometimes, we think about others more than we think about ourselves.” -Eric Bartosz

50:19 “We can be our own harshest critics when we feel we’re falling short on something. Perfection is not the goal. It’s creating this mindset in moving towards a positive place.” -Eric Bartosz

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