114: Success or Fulfillment? Don’t Choose; Have Both! with Jesse Brisendine


We have another incredible guest this week: Jesse Brisendine, host of A Handful of Hope Podcast and creator of Zero Limits Coaching. Jesse helps his clients weave together success and fulfillment, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Maybe you still remember when you were in school analyzing The Great Gatsby or memorizing all the tricky math equations. After spending all those years, it’s funny how we barely remember anything at all. What’s not laughable is, how after graduation, we have to throw those concepts away and start learning how life works. Now, the hard work of unlearning some of the things we were programmed to believe and discovering who we are and what we want begins. 


In this episode, we learn how to avoid default drift patterns and empower ourselves. Jesse focuses on two things of which ironically, act as our superpower and archenemy at the same time: our thoughts and our emotions. While growing up, we learned that we must take control of our situation, which is mission impossible in itself (unless we are agent 007!). Rather than taking over the things we have little or no control over, Jesse shares how we can show accountability in the emotions resulting from those circumstances. He also talks about how we can extract a part of our pain and use it to create a picture of our vision and purpose in life. We want to live a meaningful life and be able to teach our children how to do the same. With that, you may be interested in Jesse’s advice on how to be an active observer and participant in your kid’s life.     


“Your world is full of everyone else trying to be someone else.  Just be you. Don’t be afraid to magnify that piece of you that’s uniquely you because it can take you to some incredibly extraordinary places.” -Jesse Brisendine


Episode Highlights:

02:22 Your Greatest Superpowers and Archenemy
08:18 The Pursuit of Happiness
13:24 Your Role in Emotional Accountability
26:02 Launch Your Own Rocket! 
33:55 What’s Your Why? 
45:24 Parents- Be Active Observers 
50:21 Win the Emotion Wrestling
56:16 Be You!


We were always taught what to learn and what to do. But today, @JayRooke and @JesseBris share how we and our children can find fulfillment in our endeavors. Don’t miss this amazing conversation! Listen at https://jayrooke.com/114-Jesse-Brisendine… Click To Tweet


Connect with Jesse:

Jesse Brisendine is the creator of “Zero Limits Coaching,” a speaker, and author who educates and empowers individuals and organizations to move beyond their limitations. Jesse has worked with thousands of people around the world. Business leaders, Hollywood celebrities, mental health professionals, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and educators have utilized Jesse’s services to break through limiting beliefs, uncover their unique purpose, and create fulfilled lives.

Jesse has personally mentored nearly 2,000 people on their healing journeys after the loss of loved ones. Jesse calls Santa Barbara, California home. When not working, Jesse can be found hiking in the mountains, enjoying a sunrise by the beach, or at the airport heading off on an adventure. He is a big fan of buffets, professional wrestling, and finding the silver lining in any situation.



Inspirational Quotes:

02:33 “The two greatest superpowers that all human beings possess are the thoughts we think and the emotions we experience.” -Jesse Brisendine

04:34 “Success without fulfillment is failure.” -Jesse Brisendine

27:13 “Effort on the long term will outperform talent.” -Jesse Brisendine

34:40 “If we have a compelling why,… that causes you to have a profound emotional experience every time you connect with it.” -Jesse Brisendine

37:47 “The majority of visions are never brought to fruition because we’re doing it for strangers.” -Jesse Brisendine

39:38 “Suffering persists when we have a belief that we can do nothing about the suffering.” -Jesse Brisendine

39:56 “Often there will be something in that mess or in that suffering that we can take to help us get a more complete picture of what that vision is. As the vision may evolve for us, we can evolve with it because that core driver will still be there.” -Jesse Brisendine

56:16 “Your world is full of everyone else trying to be someone else.  Just be you. Don’t be afraid to magnify that piece of you that’s uniquely you because it can take you to some incredibly extraordinary places.” -Jesse Brisendine

56:50 “If we stop being so serious all the time and hand wringing about getting things right and just have some fun with it, not only are you going to feel better, but everybody around you gets brought along that journey with you. It’s an unintended positive consequence.” -Jay Rooke

57:13 “The people in your life love you for you. The more you allow yourself to be you, the more love you’re going to allow into your life.” -Jesse Brisendine

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