115: How to be a Spiritual Person in a Material World with Bachi Nyangar


Spiritual Thinking book yet to publish – Secrets behind positive thinking in the realm of the spiritual world.

Gaining practical knowledge about how to get a better control of your destiny and enlightening your life path based on Mongolian traditional shamanic ideology.

Understanding these techniques and methods to root your success and how to live meaningfully in a spiritual lifestyle that harmonizes your modern life and Mother Nature.

Recently, Bachi organized Clear COVID-19 “Cutting the tail of black dragon” partnering with the USA based SSP Association to stop widespread of virus from daily average of 65,000 new cases to 35,000 new cases. He also had a campaign to stop 7 major wildfires in California including LNU, SZU, SCU, and Apple etc,. It all stopped burning except one (North Complex).

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“Spiritual thinking is the understanding about the spiritual world and also living in harmony with modern life and mother nature.” -Bachi Nyangar


Episode Highlights:

02:12 What is Shamanism? 
06:22 Spiritual Thinking and Your Entrepreneurial Journey   
13:11 The Balance Between the Good and the Bad
20:39 How to Tap Into Your Spirituality
26:15 Wording and Naming- How It Affects You
33:39 Support Bachi’s Rapid Response to Stop Wildfires


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Connect with Bachi:

Bachi Nyangar is a successful serial entrepreneur having founded Mongolia’s first real estate, travel, and e-commerce start-up. He is the man behind  UneguiHurgelt– Mongolia’s leading e-commerce and digital marketing retail shop, Travel Mongolia, and Mongolian Real Estate Group. He is also the Co-Founder and Director of Tansag Gobi Energy and Managing Director of Mongol Fund, a NY and Chicago- based company that focuses on renewable energy and mining in Mongolia. Bachi believes in sustainable development and is very passionate in combining innovative strategies and cutting edge technologies without sacrificing natural resources as a means to solve problems and multiply revenue. Besides managing his businesses, Bachi also balances his life through spirituality and music.

Inspirational Quotes:

10:57 “We don’t need to go through a priest or a church or a bishop in order to access God. We have that ability within ourselves to go directly to the source, and how much more that connects us to nature in the larger energies.” -Jay Rooke

13:59 “We produce our energy through thinking. When you think positive, you attract more good energy.” -Bachi Nyangar

20:40 “Spiritual thinking is the understanding about the spiritual world and also living in harmony with modern life and mother nature.” -Bachi Nyangar

21:52 “Mother Nature provides life for us, and we need to give it back. We are human beings; this is our responsibility.” -Bachi Nyangar

29:16 “Focus on the essence of the name and the significance and symbolism of it and let that do the talking for itself.” -Jay Rooke

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