116: The Secret of Great Decision-Making Most People Forget with Julie Gallivan


In this episode, we are having a magnified view of decision-making with Decision-Making Strategist and Clarity Coach Julie Gallivan. Julie describes decision-making as our silent partner. Most of the time, we make decisions without being mindful of it. Simple tasks such as deciding on what to eat, what to wear, where to buy certain things, and everything we do throughout the day requires decision-making. However, there are also compound problems where we need to use our mental faculties to the full. But, with the hustle, fear, and confusion that arise with these dilemmas, decision-making becomes the hardest thing in the world. We even intentionally distract ourselves only to get away with it. Until then, do we realize that we’ve never truly paid attention to how we’ve been making decisions all along. Of course, we can’t keep putting-off these issues. As they pile up, we find ourselves more overwhelmed and more frustrated. Worst, we attempt to duplicate what others do, deceiving ourselves that we’ll attain the same level of success they hold by doing so. We never want to find ourselves in that situation ever! So today, Julie reminds us of that one critical element that we often forget about decision-making: clarity. Julie talks about the role of our vision and identity in the choices we make. She also talks about how our resources, challenges, and patterns affect our judgments. Most importantly, Julie explains how we can structure our decision-making process, so we can take practical steps towards success.


“Clarity is the answer to all decision-making questions. How and what you’re creating is an expression of who you are.”  -Julie Gallivan


Episode Highlights:

01:08 Your Silent Partner 
07:39 Decision-Making and Clarity
15:13 Know When It’s Time to Ask Help
21:17 The Ham Story 
27:17 Decision-Making and Courage
33:48 Decision-Making and Resource Management
41:27 Decision-Making Challenges


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Connect with Julie:

Julie Gallivan helps people make great decisions with total confidence, so they can move forward enthusiastically with peace of mind that the decisions they are making are, without question, the right ones. She’s worked with college students, mid-career professionals, and business leaders alike to transform uncertainty and eliminate second-guessing, so they act with focus, creativity, and high performance. For nearly 15 years, Julie has developed, tested, and refined her method into repeatable steps that second-guessing, son clog the bottleneck in decision-making. Julie enjoys life with her husband in Rochester, NY, and can often be found training for a triathlon, studying up on a new language, playing around on the guitar or piano, or burying her nose in the latest physics, design, or business book.

Inspirational Quotes:

01:25: “One’s success or lack thereof is an outcome of a handful of decisions made.” -Jay Rooke 

10:02 “Clarity is the answer to all decision-making questions. How and what you’re creating is an expression of who you are.”  -Julie Gallivan

23:49 “Every tactic is contextual. Even if somebody did some thinking and found something was the right thing, that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing in your context.”  -Julie Gallivan

24:01 “All growth is not created equal.” -Jay Rooke

25:45 There’s no wrong vision. But you need to have a reason for that. And that reason needs to be right for you.” -Julie Gallivan

27:44 “Courage is another word for choice.”  -Julie Gallivan

36:25 “Decision-making is all about how to allocate your very precious resources. And money is not your only resource. Time, energy, human capital, relationships, mental space- these are all resources that have their own budget that have to be accounted for, managed, and grown.” -Julie Gallivan

42:43 “It takes time to make things happen quickly.” -Julie Gallivan

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