117: How to Turn Your ADHD Struggle Into Your ADHD Power! with Jeremy Finck


This week, I interviewed Jeremy Finck, Founder of ThinckFinck Media and Coaching and Host of ADHD Brains Radio. Jeremy helps adults with ADHD understand and manage their own ADHD experience. You can say this conversation is personal, at least for me, as I am one of the many entrepreneurs out there living with ADHD. It is not a general topic in the entrepreneurial world when we think about the possibility of success for someone with this condition. But we have enough, even too much information and anecdotal evidence to conclude that ADHD can be a superpower if managed and leveraged in the right way. And that is what Jeremy teaches us today. Jeremy helps us understand the challenges and appreciate the unique characteristics of living with ADHD. He also talks about the misconceptions around ADHD and two of the most salient points to remember about this condition. Our society was biased in portraying ADHD by focusing and emphasizing it in a negative light. But with a more enlightened perspective, the world will see that ADHD entrepreneurs can succeed, and they are often the best guys to work with.


“Make everything you do resonate with who you are. And when you do that, a lot of those tasks get easier, less painful, and manageable.” -Jeremy Finck


Episode Highlights:

00:47 The ADHD Stigma
07:56 ADHD and Entrepreneurship
23:56 Misconception and Truths About ADHD
28:51 2 Important Points to Remember About ADHD
34:36 Challenges of Having ADHD
42:25 Success Tips and Techniques for Entrepreneurs with ADHD 
48:09 Freedom Regained Through Acceptance


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Connect with Jeremy:

Jeremy Finck is the Founder of ThinckFinck Media and Coaching, primarily geared to reverse engineer the top-performing strategies, systems, and frameworks, and habits of top-performing adults with ADHD. His passion is for helping ADHD adults to better understand, manage, and leverage the strengths and limitations of living with ADHD. Recently, Jeremy launched ADHD Brains Radio to provide great content about the secrets and techniques of top-performing ADHD adults. 

Inspirational Quotes:

28:29 “We need extra support on the day-to-day executive functioning front. If you can get yourself someone that can help with that, it frees you up to use your creative genius.” -Jay Rooke

33:34 “This awareness [about ADHD] is so so significant because otherwise, we’re shadowboxing.  -Jay Rooke

36:46 “Most of the time when we lose track of time is because we are hyper-focused on something. And we don’t always get to choose when that happens.” -Jeremy Finck 

43:50 “If I’m going to have a business successful, it’s all about me being me.” -Jeremy Finck 

45:19 “We’re so blind to our strengths and the things that we’re so good at, that you need to build some boundaries around and some support.” -Jeremy Finck 

46:18 “Make everything you do resonate with who you are. And when you do that, a lot of those tasks get easier, less painful, and manageable.” -Jeremy Finck 

48:24 “Make sure that we own our wins and take the time to learn about self-compassion and self-love.”-Jeremy Finck 

50:01 “There’s a difference between saying and feeling.” -Jay Rooke

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