118: How to Find Your Unique Gift and Get Paid For It with Cori Willis


In this episode, I sit with Cori Willis, the author of Gifted for Greatness. Cori helps her clients find and monetize their unique gifts. Cori and I discuss why sometimes, we feel like there’s a big hole in our lives. We know we should be doing something different, but that picture is either vague or scary. The question of purpose and feeling of emptiness keep plaguing our hearts. And as much as we would want to pivot and move towards the things that make us happy, certain factors stop us from taking risks or changing course. The good news is that we do not have to tear our entire life down to find that gift. Today, Cori shares what a gift is and her unique approach to finding it. She talks about how deviating away from our gift manifests in different ways, why we should embrace our quirkiness, how to build our intellectual property, and why we should be more aware of the data points in our life. We have been programmed to follow the traditional path, but not anymore! We hold the responsibility to reevaluate our life path and direct how our story is supposed to be.


“As long as you don’t claim your gift, you can continue to let somebody else be the leader of your life.” -Cori Willis


Episode Highlights:

02:12 What is a Gift? 
06:11 The Puzzling Feeling of Emptiness Solved
11:39 To Claim or Not to Claim 
17:25 Are You Trying to Fit In? 
22:31 Embrace Your Quirkiness
29:29 Monetize Your Gift
36:45 Build Your Intellectual Property
43:15 Data Point Consciousness


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Connect with Cori:

Cori Willis is an inspiring international speaker and workshop leader. She helps her clients discover their unique gifts and get paid for it. Her book, Gifted for Greatness, is written to help individuals see their unique gift and apply it into their business and personal life. Having profound experiences as a business consultant and strategist, Cori is able to help her clients remove mindset blocks that hinder them from monetizing their gifts. 


Inspirational Quotes:

01:50 “When individuals who are bright, aware, mindful, conscious, and pay attention do the self work, they are most well-equipped to help others and guide them through that process.” -Jay Rooke

02:59 “Your gift is not just what you’re good at. That’s more of a sweet spot than a thing.” -Cori Willis

03:41 “When things come easily to you, you may not be accustomed to working hard for things. And as a result of that, it can be easy to miss the thing that you would put so much into.” -Cori Willis

06:36 “There is flight to what is known and comfortable, versus a flight to what we actually want.” -Cori Willis

11:45 “As long as you don’t claim your gift, you have an excuse not to go after it. As long as you don’t claim your gift, you can continue to let somebody else be the leader of your life.” -Cori Willis

22:28 “Everything we do has to match our own personal temperament. A lot of times, we waste so much time pursuing stuff that’s good for people with a different temperament because we think that there’s something wrong with our gifts.” -Cori Willis

28:11 “If you do any form of self-evaluation based on some large herd that you’re a part of, it can lead to a wrong conclusion.” -Cori Willis

31:14 “The thing about monetizing your gifts is that you get to create an environment that rewards your gifts and optimizes the value of your gifts.” -Cori Willis

40:18 “You can waste a lot of years looking for the one thing that’s going to meet all your points, and it’s not possible for a lot of people.” -Cori Willis

45:44 “We can underestimate things that we like that come naturally to us that people have recognized us for.” -Cori Willis

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