119: How to Step Into Your Purpose and Destiny with Jonathan Masiulionis


This week, we will have a blast talking about purpose and destiny with Jonathan Masiulionis, President of Empowered Publicity. Jonathan helps entrepreneurs, innovators, authors, and dreamers stand out in their line of service and expand their audience. 

The search for purpose is one of those eternal topics with utmost importance. How do you find what your calling is? Are you worthy of it? What should you do if you are overwhelmed with fear and doubt? Is it worth taking the risk? These questions remain a mystery because sometimes, distorted illusions come to play. As a result, unhappiness, feelings of failure, and emptiness became a part of our dictionary. Today, these negative feelings are about to turn into their positive counterparts as Jonathan shares how we can step into our purpose and destiny. He also talks about healing the soul, overcoming roadblocks, finding grace in our mission, being in alignment, and embracing our light and shadows.


“Hold that vision that the greatest memories, moments, and experiences of your life have not even happened yet.” -Jonathan Masiulionis


Episode Highlights:

02:57 Embrace the Entrepreneur’s Experience
12:15 A Hero Must Lose
21:58 Behind the Storylines 
27:19 Embrace Light and Shadow
31:34 How to Step Into Your Purpose 
36:29 Let Your Soul Breathe
43:59 Find Grace in Your Destiny
48:53 The Search for Happiness Ends


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Connect with Jonathan:

For nearly a decade, Jonathan Masiulionis has been helping creatives and entrepreneurs across the country promote their talents and expand their audiences. His ability to highlight the best of what an author brings to the table is uniquely exceptional. With the power of enthusiasm and determination, Jonathan is a seasoned professional at taking ideas and turning them into realities. As a publicist for inspirational, spiritual, and children’s authors, Jonathan understands the challenges that aspiring and rising authors face, as they step out in faith and follow their own paths of service.

He uses his networking savvy, well-developed organizational skills, and positive energy to promote and establish name recognition for all of his clients.

A true partner in promotion, Jonathan empowers his clients with the personal attention and dedicated support they need to fulfill their dreams and expand the reach of their work. Jonathan currently resides in San Diego, California, where he is beginning his next steps for the children. His long-term plans include writing his own children’s books and opening a children’s hospice for terminally-ill children in La Jolla.


Inspirational Quotes:

03:46 “Most entrepreneurs and small business owners are drawn to entrepreneurship because it’s tapping into their purpose than just a paycheck or a business growth.” -Jay Rooke

04:53 “We can all get to points on our path if we can look back on everything that happened before and be grateful instead of having the blame, the shame, and the judgment.” -Jonathan Masiulionis

15:20 “Hold that vision that the greatest memories, moments, and experiences of your life have not even happened yet.” -Jonathan Masiulionis

24:02 “Stepping into the highest and best versions of ourselves involves work. If it was easy, it would just be like a Disney movie.” -Jonathan Masiulionis

23:15 “In every single decision that you make, ask yourself if this is bringing you closer to where you want to be.” -Jonathan Masiulionis

28:33 “Embrace your light and your shadow. We want to destroy our ego but in its healthy state, ego and vanity are parts of who we are.” -Jonathan Masiulionis

31:35 “If you want to truly heal yourself and if you want to be able to step into your life’s purpose, take the time to not only reconnect to your inner child, but to nurture your inner child.” -Jonathan Masiulionis

37:01 “We’re trained, that if something uncomfortable comes up, we numb ourselves… Our soul wants to breathe; our soul wants to expand.” -Jonathan Masiulionis

39:13 “If life may seem overwhelming, simply be open to the fact that you have a destiny. We didn’t come here to pay bills and pay taxes. Remind yourself each and every day that you are worthy of an inherent good.” -Jonathan Masiulionis

45:53 “Our life’s purpose, in many ways, is just by being who we are.” -Jonathan Masiulionis

50:03 “When we are happy with who we are and who we are becoming, those things connect together to fuel our purpose and to unfold our destiny.” -Jonathan Masiulionis

52:02 “Be comfortable with who you are. Be aligned with your thoughts, your words, your actions, and your choices, because when all of those things fall into place, those universal puzzle pieces add up together”  -Jonathan Masiulionis

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