120: How to Shift Your Reality with Kenton David Bell (Part 2)


This week, our theme is about transformation in action with Transformational Coach Kenton David Bell. Kenton is an expert in helping his clients identify practical applications to the complex concepts that baffle their minds. Thus, propelling them forward to the reality that they want. At times, we find ourselves in constant warfare against uncertainty and fear. And this conversation is empowering as we learn that struggles are optional, and we don’t have to add them to our bag of experiences if we don’t want to. 

Maybe you still remember those days when you were sitting in science class and listening to what seemed like an unending lecture about time and space, power and force, and energy fields. And until now, you still can’t figure out how that can help you be successful in life and your business. Today, Kenton teaches how these scientific jargons can shift our reality. He also talks about how to merge the mind with consciousness, break the ‘traffic’ with the energy of compassion, reframe our life to where we want to be, envision with intention, and so much more!  


“Everything that happens is positive. If something looks bad at the moment, it’s how we perceive it and how we roll with it, that’s a true sign of our mastery or lack of it.” -Kenton David Bell


Episode Highlights:

02:26 We Create It All
08:25 Break the “Traffic”
13:49 Explore Your Relationship with Time and Space
21:31 Layers of Energy Field
26:16 Think with Consciousness
33:36 The Zen Master: We Shall See
41:18 Move Forward with Intention
46:30 Free Yourself!
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Connect with Kenton:

As a Transformational Coach, Writer, Workshop Facilitator, Kenton worked with thousands of individuals from all walks of life- from top United Nations Officials, Hollywood Producers, CEO’s, Leadership Teams as well as many in the Mental Health Field. Kenton has also worked with large organizational energies to improve functionality, team building, discovering previously unknown issues, and underlying dynamics that allow an organization to function to its greater potential and evolve organically tapping their greatest resources- Human Resources!


Inspirational Quotes:

02:31 “We create it all. We are the creator of our whole experience. And in that principle, we own our power.” -Kenton David Bell

10:49 “Vulnerability is one of the most powerful energies that we could stand on. When we’re truly vulnerable, we’re very present… And that’s where mastery begins.” -Kenton David Bell

20:33 “If you can get to a spot of consciousness and stillness, little clues start to show up that we were otherwise ignoring because we were too busy.” -Jay Rooke

22:22 “If you want to be someone who’s helping promote world change, know your astral body. The healing key for that is unconditional love for others and complete acceptance of what is.” -Kenton David Bell

25:48 “Use love as a secret tool to change situations, to manifest things, and to shift things. It feels better to be in a space of heart versus mind, and tactics, and to-do list.” -Jay Rooke

26:22 “The mind will lie to us often. Learn to think your thoughts and consciously pick the thoughts.” -Kenton David Bell

27:48 “Struggle is not required. It’s optional. The more we struggle, the more we get caught in that quicksand.” -Kenton David Bell

28:58 “The true you can never be threatened. So if you’re feeling threatened, that means it’s a part of you that isn’t real.” -Kenton David Bell

30:45 “Fear isn’t what’s real. When we’re responding to fear, then we’re playing out patterns that aren’t aligned with truth. And it gets us farther away from where we want to be.” -Jay Rooke

32:17 “We are immensely powerful. We are immensely amazing. We are immensely mysterious. We are so much more than we can see.” -Kenton David Bell

32:44 “If you’re thinking you’re small, if you’re thinking you’re impotent, if you’re thinking that you have no power, you’re wrong. But as long as you think it, that’s going to be your experience” -Kenton David Bell

34:31 “You never know what’s going to happen.  The most incredible blessings that change your life for the better are the ones that you couldn’t see right then and there.” -Kenton David Bell

41:33 “Your thoughts create everything. And when your space is constricted, you’re shutting things out.” -Kenton David Bell

47:29 “Free yourselves up of the things that are falling apart [because they] are the things that needed to be dropped and fall out of space in order to get to the next level.” -Jay Rooke

47:47 “Everything that happens is positive. If something looks bad at the moment, it’s how we perceive it and how we roll with it, that’s a true sign of our mastery or lack of it.” -Kenton David Bell

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