121: The Law of Abundance with Sara J. Bronson


Did you know? Your viewpoint around money dictates the level of your success. Join me in another exciting week with Sara J. Bronson, Owner of SJB Financial. Money is universal- we know it, we use it, we have it, or do we?  Sometimes, we just let out a frustrated, hopeless sigh after all our money slips away in a matter of seconds. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably be interested in today’s topic. Sara talks about what money is, and what it isn’t. This is fundamental wisdom in establishing and maintaining our relationship with money. Sara also talks about how to shift our relationship with money, the importance of having your numbers in check, what it really takes to run and manage your business every month to ensure stability, how to attract abundance, and the mindsets and misconceptions that you should never believe. The conversation around money has long been a secret. So what’s your money story?  


Abundance is everyone’s birthright- It’s how we embrace it and attract it to us.” -Sara J Bronson


Episode Highlights:

00:46 Money Relationship
04:42 Like Attracts Like
10:49 What Money Is and What It Isn’t
15:39 Is Your Cash Flowing?  
22:19 Money Dates
29:49 The Metrics of Your Business
35:12 Knowledge is Power
43:02 The Energy of Money
46:46 How to Attain Stability




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Connect with Sara:

After graduating from Indiana University, Sara J. Bronson relocated to Seattle, WA, and began her 30-year career focused on laying financial foundations for entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, and corporations seeking to expand or restructure operations. As an early adopter of first-generation computer and accounting software systems, she built her career serving businesses locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, implementing accounting departments based on her entrepreneurial acumen. In 2010, with a certification in Integral Coaching from New Ventures West in San Francisco, Sara J Bronson & Associates was launched to bring a unique form of accounting services to small businesses.  Sara developed the Conscious Wealth Program and started listening to her clients with a coach’s ear.


Inspirational Quotes:

03:44 “Money is the one relationship we have that is so critical, we can’t divorce it.” -Sara J Bronson

06:44 No matter how strong the numbers are, 80% of the decision is based on how they feel about it.” -Sara J Bronson

06:59One success in entrepreneurship is just the byproduct of a couple of decisions slightly better made.” -Jay Rooke

08:53 Entrepreneurs who are successful are paying attention to their numbers.” -Sara J Bronson

09:19Where you put your attention is what you attract.” -Sara J Bronson

09:40 Abundance is everyone’s birthright- It’s how we embrace it and attract it to us.” -Sara J Bronson

14:25Pay attention to money, but pay attention to it in a different way. It’s simply just a tool. It doesn’t say anything about your value, or your worth.” -Sara J Bronson

17:59 In times of need, great wealth shows up.” -Sara J Bronson

25:15 Our mess, oftentimes becomes our mission.” -Jay Rooke

43:44 Know your numbers. You need to know what resources you have in order to manage and grow your business.”  -Sara J Bronson

47:43 “As we all increase our financial literacy and start to understand what this tool of money can do for us, the stronger we are together and the more that we can heal our relationship with money.”  -Sara J Bronson

49:42 “One of the key factors for failure is the lack of financial literacy.” -Sara J Bronson

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