122: How to Beat Procrastination the Fun and Silly Way with Wendy Hart (Part II)


This week we’re going on a little tour out of the box with Professional Performance Coach, Wendy Hart. You may remember Wendy from episode 110 and how we talked about decision fatigue. Today, our talking point orbits around another relatable topic: PROCRASTINATION. We all wish we were as productive as we can be. But it’s not easy, perhaps nearly impossible to be highly prolific all the time. Reality strikes to remind us that there are times that our system is down and we have to put things off. Yet this reason seems to fall short and we are disappointed with ourselves, which disheartens us and eventually snowballs to more procrastination and unproductivity. Guess what! Procrastination is NOT your fault! You read that right. Wendy Hart explains why that is and how we can beat procrastination the fun way! Wendy shares points we got wrong about will power, unknown neuroscience facts, the chemistry of dread, and understanding our inner emotions. Make it easier for you to reach your goals! Overcome certainty bias, break your barriers, rewire your alarm system,  install your anchors, and write your own freedom stories.


“You don’t need to change who you are. Everybody has enough motivation on the inside.” -Wendy Hart


Episode Highlights:

02:43 Procrastination is Not Your Fault
10:10 How to Disable Your Brain Alarm
21:14 Misconceptions About Will Power
25:49 Psychological Facts We All Got Wrong
31:18 Your Inner Emotions
36:30 How to Break Your Barriers
40:38 Install Your Anchors
46:31 Craft Your Own Freedom


Do not fall into an unproductive pattern again! Join @JayRooke and @WendyHart as they discuss how to beat procrastination with a hint of fun and clever silliness! Visit https://jayrooke.com/122-Wendy-Hart for resources and shownotes. #JayRooke… Click To Tweet


Connect with Wendy:

Wendy Hart was trained at the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. She is a Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and TPM (Thought Pattern Management,) IFS (Internal Family Systems Model of Psychotherapy) the Sedona Method, Emotional Freedom Technique, David Grove’s ‘Clean Language,’ and much more. A member of the International Coaching Federation and the International Association of Coaches, Wendy is also a former Board Member of the National Speakers Association, Northern CA Chapter. In addition to Coaching and Speaking, she still sings, performing Inspirational Pop Music at selected conferences and her own live events, as well as occasionally sitting in at a jazz club or two. After living many years in Chicago, Wendy finally escaped the snow, and she now calls San Diego home. Wendy not only overcame her own anxiety, she trained to become a Professional Performance Coach that has helped thousands of other clients worldwide get unstuck as well. 



Inspirational Quotes:

04:08 “Procrastination is not your fault. We’ve all been missing a little bit of critical information.” -Wendy Hart

23:33 “Everything you’re doing to get unstuck makes you more stuck.” -Wendy Hart

29:09 “You don’t need to change who you are. Everybody has enough motivation on the inside.” -Wendy Hart

40:09 “As soon as you retrain the alarm to not see danger, the whole thing changes.” -Wendy Hart

41:51 “When you add silliness to your action, it changes some stuff in your brain.” -Wendy Hart

42:05 “Every time you intend an action, take the action and then reward yourself and make it silly, you’ve now created a new neural loop. That’s the beginning of how to unhook the danger that your amygdala has put there.” P-Wendy Hart

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