123: How to Build and Launch a Successful Business, and Earn a Tremendous Amount of Freedom! with Victoria Wieck


Are your insides burning from the thought of finally doing what you really want but then, all the worries, doubts, and uncertainties keep holding you back? This week, we are honored to have Victoria Wieck, author, jewelry designer, and TV personality to discuss how to overcome the obstacles of building a side hustle to launching a successful business. The corporate world is a place that provides security and an opportunity to be elevated with hard work and patience. But if you are someone who values freedom and happiness, you’ll surely be suffocating about the thought of spending your valuable resources going along with the traditional route. After all, we are working vigorously so that we can end up doing what we want. Victoria had been through a similar situation but her curiosity about the world led her into a journey out of the norm. She relates the challenges, joys, and life after leaving the corporate world. A successful icon in her line, Victoria also talks about the lessons she learned about sorting things out, being balanced, reinventing yourself, stepping up, goal-setting, simplifying your life, managing risks, and so much more!


“Without passion, nothing happens in the world. If you are passionate, there is a path. You’ll get there.” – Victoria Wieck


Episode Highlights:

01:33 Living in the Corporate World
08:34 Leaving the Corporate World
17:16 Work The Balance
25:37 Navigating the Downturns
30:39 Calculating and Managing the Risks   
40:13 How to Accelerate Your Success
46:12 The Path To Your Dream Come True 
51:15 You Can Be Much More!


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Connect with Victoria:

Victoria grew up in a sleepy coastal village in South Korea, surrounded by abundant natural beauty. One of her favorite activities was to watch the stunning sunset from her home, wondering what lay beyond the horizon. She would ask her mother endless questions about the world outside her small town. Her mother read her stories and taught her how to read, but her curiosity knew no bounds.

Victoria’s dream was to study literature or art in college, but her parents urged her to consider business instead. After making so many sacrifices for their children—giving up a comfortable life in South Korea and starting over—they wanted to be sure that their children would end up with secure jobs. She worked full time while completing a BS degree in Economics from UCLA and an MBA from USC. When she’s not on TV with her latest collections, she’s either writing or reading.


Inspirational Quotes:

16:21 “You have to keep evolving and reinventing yourself if you’re going to be successful because that old revenue stream isn’t going to work anymore.” -Victoria Wieck

30:19 “When you’re working in a corporate environment, you’re basically building somebody else’s dream on your time.” -Victoria Wieck

36:31“By focusing on one little thing, you end up simplifying your whole life, and your risk is a lot lower.” -Victoria Wieck

45:18 “When I have been very honest with what I wanted to do, the money came faster.” -Victoria Wieck

47:28 “Without passion, nothing happens in the world. If you are passionate, there is a path. You’ll get there.” -Victoria Wieck

49:38 “If you have nothing else, but you still have hope and faith left, that is enough.” -Victoria Wieck

51:15 “We no longer have to live the life we think we have to live. We all are capable of dreaming and to have that dream become a reality.” -Victoria Wieck

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