124: The Secret Formula to Attain Financial Freedom and Sustainable Wealth with Julie Steelman

When a deep dream awakens, an entrepreneur is born. Income Growth Business Coach Julie Steelman sits as our guest this week. Julie helps her clients make financial breakthroughs and be equipped with the necessary skills to sustain their wealth as they live to their truest selves. Besides running and maintaining your biz, what else do you visualize yourself doing? Whatever you set your heart on, you need to reach a certain level of stability to make it happen. It’s not uncommon for first-time business owners to fall into the trap of launch-sale cycle, desperation, and following a business model that does not inherently resonate. Today, Julie shares a conclusive way to snap out of these traps- her formula to an abundant cash flow. We also learn how to nurture and strengthen our financial well-being, use the power of intention to achieve our goal, turn away from a deviation and reconnect with our creative nature, and identify mindsets that keep us stuck. As a woman in tune with her “wild” instincts, Julie shares an unforgettable lesson about entrepreneurial diversity. Apparently, entrepreneurs have much to learn from wildlife.


“The whole idea of an entrepreneur is to do it uniquely. What becomes unsustainable is, doing it someone else’s way on someone else’s terms at someone else’s amount of money.” –Julie Steelman


Episode Highlights:

02:12 A Road Trip with Speed Bumps 

07:38 Listen to Your Wild Instinct

13:41 Why a Path Doesn’t Work

17:08 The Power of Intention

24:05 Beware of Money Trap

30:59 The Transactional Thinking

34:09 Out of Desperation and Into Creating Miracles

42:17 The Highest Currency

47:32 The Entrepreneurial Biodiversity


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Connect with Julie:

Julie Steelman serves as a financial and spiritual guide. An outstanding sales professional generating hundreds of millions of dollars for big brands, Julie had only one focus: to earn her way out. As a child, Julie loved watching wildlife in TV shows and that’s when her dream to go to Africa was born. She is now using her abundance overflow to travel the world and connect with her “wild” instinct. Julie was able to walk her path to financial freedom. And today, she helps women learn the skills needed to multiply their money and generate long-term wealth. When she is not helping her clients make a financial breakthrough, she is out in the wild, photographing nature’s wonders.


Inspirational Quotes:

03:52 “We start off as entrepreneurs because we have a deep dream. We don’t bite off being an entrepreneur and take it lightly.” –Julie Steelman

06:02 “We live in shifting sands. Our entrepreneurship is an evolution of self and business and that which you’re here to give and serve.” –Julie Steelman

14:56 “When we are adopting all these models that other people say will work for us, we give the power over to that model and it becomes something we don’t recognize. And a lot of times it becomes something very dissatisfying.” –Julie Steelman

27:33 “Focus on how much you keep (then) you are able to have more than enough to start building wealth and start funding those that you’re deeply passionate about.” –Julie Steelman

30:18 “We can’t waste more time because the world we dream needs us dreaming it and actively implementing it.” –Julie Steelman

47:11 “Every single one of us is coded uniquely for a particular destiny; for a particular type of service. Allowing for what our creative nature is, makes room for the Divine to let things unfold in an uncommon way.” –Julie Steelman

49:32 “The whole idea of an entrepreneur is to do it uniquely. What becomes unsustainable is, doing it someone else’s way on someone else’s terms at someone else’s amount of money.” –Julie Steelman

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