125: The Sedona Method: The Greatest Secret to Happiness and Peace Revealed! with Hale Dwoskin

Our guest this week is Hale Dwoskin, New York Times best-selling author of The Sedona Method. Hale helps others reclaim their peace and happiness through the Sedona Method. To many, happiness is the hardest thing to have. It creates a massive void, and sometimes that void pushes some to surrender. We are living in an exceptionally advanced world that’s supposed to let us enjoy life. But, how did we lose the skill to be happy? Today, Hale drives us back to a point in our lives when we knew how happiness felt like, and how to rediscover that part of ourselves as adults. He also shares a strategy we can use to get ourselves out of our self-imposed limitations and win at every circumstance instead of falling into victimhood. We all have emotional patterns deeply engraved in us because of our experiences. But it is possible to release all the pain that holds us back from living the life we are meant to live. Be the master of your inner self, learn to let go. 


“We think when children come we’re here to teach them. They’re actually trying to teach us but we don’t necessarily listen.” -Hale Dwoskin


Episode Highlights:

01:38 What is The Sedona Method
12:02 What Letting Go Can Do For You 
17:55 Be The Master of Your Life
21:32 How to Tackle What’s In Front of You
26:11 Busy But Not Stressed 
34:36 How to Do The Sedona Method 
41:04 Don’t Live As An Avatar
45:08 You Are The Awareness
47:05 The Greatest Secret




 The Sedona Method-Happiness Is Free: And It’s Easier Than You Think, Books 1 Through 5, The Greatest Secret Edition by Hale Dwoskin


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Connect with Hale:

Hale Dwoskin is the New York Times best-selling author of “The Sedona Method,” and is featured in the movie, “Letting Go.” He is also one of the featured teachers of the book and movie phenomenon, “The Secret,” and a featured teacher in “The Greatest Secret.” He is the co-founder of Sedona Training Associates, an organization that teaches courses based on the emotional releasing techniques inspired by his mentor, Lester Levenson. He has dedicated his life to helping people eliminate their suffering and discover the truth of who they truly are. He is also a founding member of The Transformational Leadership Council. For over four decades, he has regularly been teaching  “The Sedona Method” to individuals and corporations throughout the world and has been leading facilitator trainings and advanced retreats since the early 1990s. He is the co-author with Lester Levenson of “Happiness Is Free: “And It’s Easier Than You Think, Books 1 through 5, The Greatest Secret Edition.”


Inspirational Quotes:

03:01 “We think when children come we’re here to teach them. They’re actually trying to teach us but we don’t necessarily listen.” -Hale Dwoskin

05:55 “Every situation needs to start with a yes. If you start with a no, you’re not responding to what if. That is a creating barrier where there’s no need for them.” -Hale Dwoskin

12:54 “Sometimes the exact same action, when done with a different point of view is amazingly different.” -Hale Dwoskin

13:33 “It’s not just saying and doing the right things. The difference is where it’s coming from.” -Hale Dwoskin

18:24 “You are responsible for your own inner world. The more you take responsibility for that, the more that turns into mastery in whatever you do in your life.” -Hale Dwoskin

19:01 “Most of us live as the victim of circumstances. It’s not fun; it’s not necessary. When you stop believing that this is going to be hard, it’s no longer hard.” -Hale Dwoskin

21:52 “Challenges are not optional- that’s part of life. Suffering is something that we create by our inner reactions to what’s happening. When you let go of those inner reactions, you feel better, you don’t suffer. It’s never your fault but you can master any situation.” -Hale Dwoskin 

24:50 “If you try to just use your own strength to win, you lose every time. When you flow with where the energy of life is flowing, you have infinite power behind you. It’s only when you’re in resistance that your power is cut off.” -Hale Dwoskin

45:32 “You are the awareness in every experience.  You are not bound to the experience; you’re not the victim of the experience.” -Hale Dwoskin

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