126: Humor and Your Business: Why, How, and When to Use Humor to Get Extraordinary Outcomes with Ray Engan

Humor is often excluded in business. Many people believe that if you want good business, you have to be serious and intimidating to get results. This week, let’s get this misconception busted with Ray Engan on the guest’s seat. Ray is the CEO and CCC (Chief Charisma Creator) of Leadership Through Laughter. He helps his clients get “Ray-markable” results using the power of laughter. It’s not just the laughter, it’s the relationship built through them. 

Ray discusses how humor can solve most of your major business problems. Ray shares how humor is beneficial in business transactions, employee relations, doing presentations, and establishing your position. He also talks about how humor can diffuse a situation, leverage your business, and inspire your employees if they feel stuck. Of course, even humor has a limitation. Listen to Ray’s advice on how and when to incorporate humor to get the outcome you want. Also, craft your art with these 3 things you must have to get your clients to return your calls and do business with you.


 “Humor is instant likability and laughter is instant trust.”


Episode Highlights:

01:27 What Humor Is and What it Can Do For You 
06:02 Humor vs Comedy 
10:34 What to Do When You’re Stuck
12:00 Use Humor to Your Leverage
14:12 What If You’re Not Funny?
17:00 How Far Is Too Far?    
18:27 How NOT to Start Your Presentation 
20:45 Do You Have a CFO? 
22:21 3 Things You Can Do to Get Your Clients to Return Your Calls


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Connect with Ray: 

Before becoming a humor coach, Ray Engan worked as a sales manager. Using his skills as a stand-up comedian, Ray was able to engage his customers and achieve success in the field. After 15 years in sales, Ray decided it was time to follow his heart. Today, he stands tall as the CEO and CCC (Chief Charisma Creator) of Leadership Through Laughter. He helps leaders and individuals deepen their influence through the power of laughter. 

Inspirational Quotes:

02:07 “The language of leadership is unwaveringly positive.” -Ray Engan

03:04 “Humor is instant likability and laughter is instant trust.” -Ray Engan 

07:12 “[Humor] is a safe surprise. So from a business standpoint, you’re just trying to get people to smile. They don’t have to laugh; they just have to have that this is good.” -Ray Engan 

07:39 “If you can make people smile every single day at work, their productivity goes up.” -Ray Engan

08:26 “Motivation is an outside source acting on an individual to create something. But inspiration comes from within. Inspiration is hope and hope is the next step.” -Ray Engan

11:05 “You have to vent to invent.” -Ray Engan

11:29 “The height of learning comes at the height of laughter.” -Ray Engan 

13:31 “Words hurt less with a smile on your face as long as it’s genuine.” -Ray Engan 

22:30 “If you put specificity, relevance, and curiosity in there, people want to know what you have to say.” -Ray Engan

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