127: Laid Back Launch- The Launch Method You’ve Been Waiting For! with Cody Burch

Wouldn’t it be nice if product launches make your life easy rather than stressful? This week, Cody Burch drops by the KPKG stage to share his marketing expertise. Cody is the Founder of Funnels and Ads Mastery (FAM), an online community for entrepreneurs who want to level up their marketing skills. Cody helps his clients reclaim their freedom while moving towards their goals fast and simple. 

As exciting as it sounds, launching a product is complicated and stressful, from conceptualizing to the actual launch day. Not to mention the elaborate work and the expenses you have to put into it. And sometimes, while the intent is to help others, the launch still fails. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs get overwhelmed and devastated beyond imagination. But what if you can eliminate the majority of the launch process and go straight to finding potential customers and earning money? 

In this episode, Cody introduces us to the launch method of your dreams- the Laid Back Launch. It is literally what it says. Cody discusses how the Laid Back Launch can help you navigate through the world of launches so you can go out and start helping people the soonest possible. He also drops practical steps you can take before you throw your funding and create deliverables. Cody also shares how to engage your customers, why feedbacks are crucial to the success of your launch, and when to level up your game. 


“When you put the focus on recurring revenue, it’s amazing what doors start to open up and how much clarity you get around that.” -Cody Burch


Episode Highlights:

02:13 Join the FAM 
08:35 Before You Throw Your Funds
13:01 The Laid Back Launch
24:21 Invite Engagement 
29:32 Gather Feedbacks
34:41 Laid Back Launch- For How Long and to What Extent? 
42:12 Creating Magnetic Deliverables
48:38 When to Take It to a Higher Level




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Connect with Cody: 

Cody Burch is the Founder of Red Anchor Marketing. His work revolves mainly around helping his clients master the easy route of marketing to grow their business. He is also the author of One Hour Funnel: Nine Steps to Creating Your High-Converting, Profitable Sales Funnel in Only an Hour. Cody is your man if you want your outcome delivered to you fast and comfortable.  

Inspirational Quotes:

03:47 “When you put the focus on recurring revenue, it’s amazing what doors start to open up and how much clarity you get around that.” -Cody Burch

11:33 “I believe the idea of the velocity of money. If you want to sit and meditate on your idea for six months, that’s not helping anybody. We need to get the idea out into the world and start helping people.” -Cody Burch

13:31 “If this model sounds something you’re not going to enjoy, you’re going to end up resenting your business, which means you’re going to slow down or quit.” -Cody Burch

13:54 “Separate the decisions from the details.” -Cody Burch

27:08 “Be humble but talk about what you’ve done.”  -Cody Burch

31:16 “Get feedback because you might miss something huge.” -Cody Burch

37:08 “Don’t get too caught up in the amount of revenue you can make in the beginning. It’s a nice way to validate it but do not get overwhelmed.” -Cody Burch

51:15 “Make sure they’re enjoying what you’re teaching and what they’re learning because you can’t do that  year later when you have 300 members or 3000 members.” -Cody Burch 

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