128: Your Job on Stage Is Not What You Think It Is!- The Great Storyteller’s Secret with Chip Brewer

Storytelling is as old as human history, and knowing this reminds us that this ancient art still runs in our blood. This week, I am thrilled to speak with improv speaker, author, and storyteller Chip Brewer. Chip has been performing improvs for more than 20 years now and is passionate about teaching his secrets to those who want to get better at this craft. 

Storytelling is the heart of marketing. Without stories, no business will exist. And it’s not because companies have to keep their customers entertained, but because behind every sale is a story that resonates with a customer’s unique experience.  Yet, some may argue that storytelling is not a language they can speak well. Indeed, some people are more linguistically sharp than others, but as entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and leaders always on the stage, storytelling is a highway to reach your vision. 

In this episode, Chip discusses big topics such as teamwork, storytelling, and stagecraft. He shares how man’s desire and innate ability to tell and listen to stories can help promote your brand and establish a solid connection to others. Learn the fundamentals, key elements, structure, and rules of storytelling and improv. As a treat, Chip also shares some exercises and games to help you hone your storytelling skills.  


 “Relationship is the foundation of all stories that are told. If you can’t find a relationship, you’re probably not telling a story.” -Chip Brewer

Episode Highlights:

01:20 What is Improv About? 
06:49 Improv and Your Career
09:08 The Virtuous Cycle of Improv ( The Agreement Game)
11:53 The Fundamental Rule of Improv
16:00 How to Listen  Actively (Exercise)
20:00 What Happens Next? 
24:35 The Structure, Key Elements, and Rules of Story-Telling
32:55  Let the Word Do the Work 
37:55 Things to Remember on Stage
44:10 A Novel for Thrill Lovers!



Questions of Iron and Blood: Finn Koenen Book 1 by Chip Brewer

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Connect with Chip: 

Over the past 20+ years, Chip Brewer has balanced his career in international business development with a deep and abiding passion for storytelling. Alongside his day job in research & consulting, Chip performed Improv professionally in Europe and the US until kids came along, at which point he shifted to teaching it.  He has since worked with Fortune 100 corporations, Maine’s Department of Education, at-risk youth, and hundreds of individuals to help them utilize Improv’s powerful principles to increase confidence, foster genuine teamwork, and tell amazing stories. Chip’s debut novel, Questions of Iron and Blood, is the first in the Finn Koenen series of thrillers that will have you turning pages well into the wee hours. Its existence is a direct result of everything Chip has learned from others, both on and off the stage, over the past two decades. He currently lives on the coast of Maine with his family and – when his knees allow – plays hockey and surfs.


Inspirational Quotes:

09:18 “The truth is that improv because it is a team sport, the pressure is not on you at all. The pressure is on the team to support you.” -Chip Brewer

10:34 “No entrepreneur survives or is successful without taking some significant risks. So when you take risks together with trusted people that you’ve supported because you have confidence, you can do amazing things.”  -Chip Brewer

13:33 “It’s the way that you build trust- we’re building it together. No one’s in charge.” -Chip Brewer 

15:36 “The thing that the two or three or four of us can come up with together is much more interesting than four separate, unrelated ideas.” -Chip Brewer 

20:10 “People are natural storytellers. It’s the most effective way to both connect with your audience and also to convey information that you want them to retain.” -Chip Brewer 

21:57 “Play, games, and fun is at the heart of improvement… Game playing keeps people engaged because even if you’re doing something serious, you don’t have to be serious all the time.” -Chip Brewer

23:47 “Relationship is the foundation of all stories that are told. If you can’t find a relationship, you’re probably not telling a story.” -Chip Brewer 

32:57 “Every word obviously conveys information but it can also do additional work.” -Chip Brewer 

 43:07 “You’re always making choices, whether you mean to or not. And the choices that you don’t make are as obvious as the choices that you do.” -Chip Brewer

44:56 “Your only job on stage is to make everyone else look good.” -Chip Brewer

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