129: Lessons on Finance and Entrepreneurship from Wall Street Bankers with Bernardo Weaver

In this conversation, Bernardo and I had an incredible exchange about the financial industry and entrepreneurship. Bernardo will take you deep into the realm of world banking and some insider tips and secrets about how this giant institution makes money and how small business owners can take advantage of this structure to uplevel their game and find their niche.

128: Your Job on Stage Is Not What You Think It Is!- The Great Storyteller’s Secret with Chip Brewer

In this episode, Chip discusses big topics such as teamwork, storytelling, and stagecraft. He shares how man’s desire and innate ability to tell and listen to stories can help promote your brand and establish a solid connection to others. Learn the fundamentals, key elements, structure, and rules of storytelling and improve. As a treat, Chip also shares some exercises and games to help you hone your storytelling skills.

127: Laid Back Launch- The Launch Method You’ve Been Waiting For! with Cody Burch

In this episode, Cody introduces us to the launch method of your dreams- the Laid Back Launch. It is literally what it says. Cody discusses how the Laid Back Launch can help you navigate through the world of launches so you can go out and start helping people the soonest possible. He also drops practical steps you can take before you throw your funding and create deliverables.

126: Humor and Your Business: Why, How, and When to Use Humor to Get Extraordinary Outcomes with Ray Engan

Humor is often excluded in business. Many people believe that if you want good business, you have to be serious and intimidating to get results. This week, let’s get this misconception busted with Ray Engan on the guest’s seat. Ray is the CEO and CCC (Chief Charisma Creator) of Leadership Through Laughter. He helps his clients get “Ray-markable” results using the power of laughter. It’s not just the laughter, it’s the relationship built through them.

125: The Sedona Method: The Greatest Secret to Happiness and Peace Revealed! with Hale Dwoskin

Our guest this week is Hale Dwoskin, New York Times best-selling author of The Sedona Method. Hale helps others reclaim their peace and happiness through the Sedona Method. To many, happiness is the hardest thing to have. It creates a massive void, and sometimes that void pushes some to surrender. We are living in an exceptionally advanced world that’s supposed to let us enjoy life. But, how did we lose the skill to be happy?

124: The Secret Formula to Attain Financial Freedom and Sustainable Wealth with Julie Steelman

Julie shares how to make financial breakthroughs and be equipped with the necessary skills to sustain their wealth as they live to their truest selves. We also learn how to nurture and strengthen our financial well-being, use the power of intention to achieve our goal, turn away from a deviation and reconnect with our creative nature, and identify mindsets that keep us stuck.