108: Beat The Naming Challenge! -How to Create Brandable Names That Will Get People To Sign Up with Holly Chantal

Today, Holly comes to the rescue with her signature brand naming methodology, Trailblazing Trifecta. She also gives valuable pointers on determining when is the right time to start thinking about your brand name, what makes a good brand name, and whether you have a good brand message that speaks well to your tribe.

094: The Intersection of Love and Entrepreneurship with Theora Moench

In this episode, Jay learns from Theora Moench, a love and relationship expert who shares her insights about the intersection of love and entrepreneurship. All entrepreneurs need more love, so here are some of the things they talked about: when it comes to love, little changes yield big results, how to get as good at love as you are at business, entrepreneurship, and relationships as vehicles for personal growth, how to create healthy relationships during stressful times, how time fixes nothing, and so much more…

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