Business Coaching

Unless you’re the lead dog,

the view never changes.

I’m still an entrepreneur at heart, and for this reason entrepreneurs are some of my favorite business clients. I was bit by the entrepreneurial bug when I started my own landscaping business at age 12. In 2011, I opened a restaurant on my own from start to finish. I know the fear and adrenaline of jumping off that cliff when you finally commit to launch your venture, I know the mind-bending exhaustion of 100+ hour weeks, I know the desperation of having your back against the wall, and I know the pain of shutting your venture down. Even though your predominant thought may be “I don’t have time for coaching,” I implore you to take a step back and reconsider that perspective for the long-term health of your business.

If you would like to work one on one with me let’s explore if we are a good fit for my next opening. (Please book 15 Minute Exploratory Call)


Typical break event point for a 6 month retainer: My client acquires one new costumer.

Think about that.

If you work with a professional for 6 months, what would your ROI on coaching be?

I work with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them maintain their sanity, and ensure that they are focusing their energy and resources on the avenues that may have declared necessary to move the business forward. I help my executive clients to manage stress, explore additional perspectives, make cleaner decisions, identify their optimal leadership style and to help troubleshoot what is truly going on in their organization. I essentially serve as a GPS unit for my Executive coaching clients–we collaborate to identify the destination and I help get them there in the most efficient manner possible. In the same way that a GPS unit provides alternative routes if there is traffic and reroutes the driver if he has taken a wrong turn, I provide alternative perspectives for my business clients that allow them to harness their expertise and talents.

I like the underdog. I’m the unlikely success story. And I want you to be one too. If you’re thinking about launching a business, you are an underdog. And it’s no one competitor that’s going to take you out–it’s the market. 96% of new businesses fail within ten years. If you decide to open a business, you’re not “playing the odds”. The numbers don’t lie–you’re likely to fail.

So tell me, when’s the last time you invested all of your energy and savings, and put your most valued relationships on the line when you knew you had a 4% chance of success? Never? Put differently, you’ve chosen to raise the stakes and put yourself in a position you’ve never been in before and for some reason you think you going to make good business decisions while you’re riding the emotional roller coaster of a startup? You need a sherpa. You’ve still got to climb the hill yourself, but doesn’t it make more sense to bring someone with you that has seen all the mistakes, knows the pitfalls, and more importantly, knows the shortcuts? I help leaders think like winners, and if we work together, my goal is to help you become the best version of you. Realize your potential. Beat the odds.