“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

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108: Beat The Naming Challenge! -How to Create Brandable Names That Will Get People To Sign Up with Holly Chantal

Today, Holly comes to the rescue with her signature brand naming methodology, Trailblazing Trifecta. She also gives valuable pointers on determining when is the right time to start thinking about your brand name, what makes a good brand name, and whether you have a good brand message that speaks well to your tribe.


107: The Best Future Advice To Balance Your Fear Of The Unknown with Kenton Bell

Today, Kenton teaches us how to balance that fear so we can live our intentions, step into our growing edge, create a discovery space where we can build a solid foundation for a future we cannot see, cultivate deliberate decisiveness, be childlike in how we work through our choices, and so much more!


106: How TikTok Could Get You Back In The Marketing Game with Kate Pintor

In this episode, I sat down for an intriguing interview with Kate Pintor, Marketing Synthesist, and TikTok Expert. Kate helps her clients build strong leadership and work culture that thrives. Kate and I talk about all things TikTok and why entrepreneurs should start considering this platform as an innovative business strategy.


105: Save More, Gain More If You Master These Skills: Profitable Hiring and Customer Validation with Derek Andersen

Derek points out where entrepreneurs should direct their resources to ensure they’re not killing their own vision. On top of that, he also gives us some direct and rational tips on getting over failures and more!


104: Embrace The Art of Showing Up with Shadeed Eleazer

Shadeed talks about being intentional as to why, where, and how we show up, and for whom should we primarily do it for. He also discusses how to deal with the dynamic nature of relationships, understand the Power Circle concept, being founded on your core values, and so much more!

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