“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

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118: How to Find Your Unique Gift and Get Paid For It with Cori Willis

Cori shares what a gift is and her unique approach to finding it. She talks about how deviating away from our gift manifests in different ways, why we should embrace our quirkiness, how to build our intellectual property, and why we should be more aware of the data points in our life.


117: How to Turn Your ADHD Struggle Into Your ADHD Power! with Jeremy Finck

Jeremy helps us understand the challenges and appreciate the unique characteristics of living with ADHD. He also talks about the misconceptions around ADHD and two of the most salient points to remember about this condition.


116: The Secret of Great Decision-Making Most People Forget with Julie Gallivan

Julie talks about the role of our vision and identity in the choices we make. She also talks about how our resources, challenges, and patterns affect our judgments. Most importantly, Julie explains how we can structure our decision-making process, so we can take practical steps towards success.


115: How to be a Spiritual Person in a Material World with Bachi Nyangar

Bachi expounds on what spiritual thinking is, which is also the theme of his upcoming book. He also elaborates on why positive thinking works, the balance between the good and the bad, the significance of the way we name things, and the urgent need to reconnect with mother nature.


114: Success or Fulfillment? Don’t Choose; Have Both! with Jesse Brisendine

In this episode, we will learn how to avoid default drift patterns and empower ourselves. Jesse focuses on two things of which ironically, act as our superpower and archenemy at the same time: our thoughts and our emotions.

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