“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

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105: Save More, Gain More If You Master These Skills: Profitable Hiring and Customer Validation with Derek Andersen

Derek points out where entrepreneurs should direct their resources to ensure they’re not killing their own vision. On top of that, he also gives us some direct and rational tips on getting over failures and more!


104: Embrace The Art of Showing Up with Shadeed Eleazer

Shadeed talks about being intentional as to why, where, and how we show up, and for whom should we primarily do it for. He also discusses how to deal with the dynamic nature of relationships, understand the Power Circle concept, being founded on your core values, and so much more!


103: Status: Financially Free!! with Judd Armstrong

Judd reveals how he changed his financial status from being broke to being financially independent, the eight (8) truths about entrepreneurs, how to change our outcomes by having the “YES” mentality and more


102: Tools & Tips for the Global Businessman (Things You Wish You Knew Beforehand) with Kyle Hegarty

Kyle shares the challenges of entrepreneurs launching their first venture in an international setting and how to overcome these challenges, how to win against the local competition, and more.


101: How To Make More Family Time and More Income with Austin Sams

Jay and Austin discuss: how to align your family and business life to have more family time while earning more money and more…

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