“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

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122: How to Beat Procrastination the Fun and Silly Way with Wendy Hart (Part II)

Procrastination is NOT your fault! You read that right. Wendy Hart explains why that is and how we can beat procrastination the fun way! Wendy shares points we got wrong about will power, unknown neuroscience facts, the chemistry of dread, and understanding our inner emotions. Make it easier for you to reach your goals!


121: The Law of Abundance with Sara J. Bronson

Sara talks about what money is, and what it isn’t. This is fundamental wisdom in establishing and maintaining our relationship with money.


120: How to Shift Your Reality with Kenton David Bell (Part 2)

Kenton teaches how scientific jargons can shift our reality. He also talks about how to merge the mind with consciousness, break the ‘traffic’ with the energy of compassion, reframe our life to where we want to be, envision with intention, and so much more!


119: How to Step Into Your Purpose and Destiny with Jonathan Masiulionis

Negative feelings are about to turn into their positive counterparts as Jonathan shares how we can step into our purpose and destiny. He also talks about healing the soul, overcoming roadblocks, finding grace in our mission, being in alignment, and embracing our light and shadows.


118: How to Find Your Unique Gift and Get Paid For It with Cori Willis

Cori shares what a gift is and her unique approach to finding it. She talks about how deviating away from our gift manifests in different ways, why we should embrace our quirkiness, how to build our intellectual property, and why we should be more aware of the data points in our life.

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