053: Solving Legal Challenges with Alex King

“One of the biggest mistake small business owners can make is being the janitor instead of being the CEO.” ~ Alex King

In this episode, Jay connects with fellow attorney Alex King, founder of Archetype Legal, who helps businesses solve their legal challenges. Alex recently launched his own law firm, and so Jay and Alex dive into some of the challenges of growing a professional services business, while still delivering white-glove service. Other topics include: how to retain your first attorney, common legal challenges that small business owners face, and how to self-critique effectively without denying one’s self the happiness of work well done.

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052: Awaken Your Soul’s Mission with Robert McGuinness

“Life is calling you to get out of your own way.” ~ Robert McGuinness

In this episode, Jay talks with Robert McGuinness, founder of Soul Venturer, and they explore what it looks like to integrate your life’s calling with your pursuit of entrepreneurship. Along the way, they touch on topics such as: leading with spirituality, spirituality as strategy, how life presents lessons in a particular queue and what the symptoms look like if you’re not running your business from the seat of your soul. If you’re tired of the uphill battle, and think your business goals are tied to a higher calling, this is your episode.

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051: How to Start Writing a Book with Karen Rowe

“It’s not just the passion and talent, the third arm is – can you make money out of it?”

In this episode, Jay talks with Karen Rowe, ghost writer and author. Karen helps entrepreneurs and thought leaders to write their first book. Jay and Karen explore how to leverage writing a book and being an author as a marketing tool, how to connect writing a book to a larger marketing strategy, and how to repurpose your content. Karen also provides some helpful tips on how entrepreneurs and business owners can work with ghostwriters to get out of their own way and amplify their message and double their impact.

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050: Making More Marbles with Brad Hart

“People will respect you for your successes, but they will love you for your failures.”

Brad Hart helps business owners, investors and philanthropists get connected with the right resources, network, opportunities and systems to help them move their business forward.

In this episode, Jay and Brad talk about how Brad’s business, Make More Marbles, accelerates success for entrepreneurs, and they explore the value in failures, and how self-care can optimize your relationship with your business.

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049: Personal Development for Smart People with Steve Pavlina

“There never was a winner that wasn’t a beginner.”

In this episode, Jay connects with Steve Pavlina, a long-time personal development guru that helps smart people and entrepreneurs expand their consciousness while growing themselves and their businesses. Jay and Steve dive into the tactics that helped Steve’s business grow. They also discuss how to co-create products with your target audience, and Steve shares some simple tips on how to better understand what your customers want.

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048: The Dark Side of Ambition with Thomas Kohnstamm

“Passion is dangerous, but passion is also essential.”

In this episode, Jay connects with an old rugby teammate and published author, Thomas Kohnstamm about the entrepreneurship of writing and pursuing a career in the creative arts. Thomas lives in Seattle and has written two novels: “Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?” and most recently, “Lake City.” Jay and Thomas talk about coming up against artistic integrity, how to incorporate feedback without getting broken, knowing your essence while remaining adaptable, and the dark side of ambition.

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047: Scaling Your Business with Alexander Ford

“The first and most important concept is to recognize that action is only ⅓ of what’s necessary to put any specific thing into motion.”

In Jay’s own words: “This is one of the best discussions we’ve had on the show on how to think like an entrepreneur as it relates to growing and scaling your business.”

Listen in to this rich conversation as Jay and Alexander Ford discuss how to effectively scale, being deliberate about planning your culture, decision fatigue, and management as a skill set. If you’re looking to scale your business and uplevel your management game, this is one episode you don’t want to miss….

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046: How To Sell Your Digital Content with Pol Cousineau

“If you’re not able to leave the business and the business’ function. What you have honestly is worth nothing, because no one will ever buy it. It means it’s not a business it’s just a job.”

In this episode, Pol Cousineau drops a strong Canadian accent and some wisdom nuggets around how business owners should be thinking about digital marketing, and how to adopt practices to get out of your own way so you can scale. Jay and Pol also have an insightful dialogue on how mindset shifts connect to marketing, scale and knowing where you are in your business’s entrepreneurial journey.

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045: Identifying Clarity And Focus In Your Business with Justine Reichman

“I can’t do it alone. I have a great idea, but an idea without support, is just an idea.”

In this episode, Jay talks with serial entrepreneur, and founder of NextGen Chef, Justine Reichman about aligning passion, opportunity and impact so that entrepreneurs can find their operating sweetspots. Justine gives some killer advice around identifying clarity in your business model and a laser-focused understanding of who are you and what role you play in running your business. Justine also talks about the inspiration behind pursuing a heart-based business focused on driving social change, and so much more…

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044: Navigating Human Potential with Alain Torres

“Is your mind using you or are you using it?”

In this episode, Jay interviews Alain Torres, an expert on navigating the human mind and achieving our potential. Jay and Alain discuss how mindfulness serves as one of the most effective levers to grow our businesses while simultaneously enhancing our enjoyment of life. They explore meditation, plant-based hallucinogens, and how being selfish can actually be the most powerful act of selflessness. Alain wraps up the episode by offering a free gift to our listeners.

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