“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

Starting at $399


103: Status: Financially Free!! with Judd Armstrong

Judd reveals how he changed his financial status from being broke to being financially independent, the eight (8) truths about entrepreneurs, how to change our outcomes by having the “YES” mentality and more


102: Tools & Tips for the Global Businessman (Things You Wish You Knew Beforehand) with Kyle Hegarty

Kyle shares the challenges of entrepreneurs launching their first venture in an international setting and how to overcome these challenges, how to win against the local competition, and more.


101: How To Make More Family Time and More Income with Austin Sams

Jay and Austin discuss: how to align your family and business life to have more family time while earning more money and more…


100: 100 Episodes and Beyond

Jay has been interviewing a number of business geniuses for the past 99 episodes. But who is this man behind the mic? Today, Jay sits as his own guest in his own show. Don’t miss out on this special treat!


094: The Intersection of Love and Entrepreneurship with Theora Moench

In this episode, Jay learns from Theora Moench, a love and relationship expert who shares her insights about the intersection of love and entrepreneurship. All entrepreneurs need more love, so here are some of the things they talked about: when it comes to love, little changes yield big results, how to get as good at love as you are at business, entrepreneurship, and relationships as vehicles for personal growth, how to create healthy relationships during stressful times, how time fixes nothing, and so much more…

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