“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

Starting at $399


003: Kim Sutton, Digital Marketing & Launch Strategist and Founder of Positive Productivity

Kim Sutton, a Digital Marketing & Launch Strategist and founder of Positive Productivity, which seeks to empower entrepreneurs in the areas of self-care, systems and support…


002: Mark Kaye, Florida Based Showman, Influencer and Entrepreneur

Mark Kaye, a Florida based showman, influencer and entrepreneur, knows that every business is show business. The professional broadcaster and social media star has hosted several…


001: Bryan Wilson, The Texas Law Hawk

Bryan Wilson, better known as The Texas Law Hawk, is a Dallas-based defense attorney who’s broken the mold of attorney marketing and then set it on fire, and sent it into…


000: Introducing Know Pain, Know Gain with Jay Rooke

In this kick-off episode, Jay shares the theme and premise of Know Pain, Know Gain and talks a little bit about his background growing up in Springfield, MA to moving to the…

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