“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

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088: Effectuate a Culture of Trust as the Foundation for Your Business with Judy Foley

In this episode, Jay talks with Judy Foley, author of Retaliation at the Highest Level and founder of The Culture of Trust. Judy focuses on cultivating and changing organizational culture, so this episode dials in on: being deliberate about culture creation early on in a business’s growth cycle, upleveling and growing the business, “as is” versus “should be” mentality, increasing employee buy-in and engagement, trust as a growth multiplier, and taking calculated risks in your business.


086: The Secret of Successful Entrepreneurs- Empathy in Action with Maria Ross

In this episode, Jay brings on author and founder, Maria Ross for an eye-opening dialogue around harnessing the power of empathy in the workplace. Maria is the owner of a brand consultancy, and recently published the book, The Empathy Edge.


085: Be “The Agent” of Your Entrepreneurial Journey- Scale Your Business Creatively with Christopher O’Donnell

In this episode, Jay interviews Christopher O’Donnell, SVP of Product at Hubspot, and founder of the rock band The Providers. Christopher manages a rapidly growing creative team at Hubspot, and thus he and Jay chat deeply about fostering creativity as a small business owner, but also: adaptability as an entrepreneurial skill set, celebrating the little wins, soliciting feedback from the right people, imposter syndrome, gap awareness, running controlled experiments and viewing one’s self as a talent agent/coach.


084: Beat the Burnout Holistically with Sarah Argenal

In this episode, Jay chats with Sarah Argenal, founder of the Argenal Institute. Sarah is a speaker/author/coach that specializes in dealing with burnout, which is rampant in the entrepreneurial community. Jay and Sarah discuss identifying the symptoms of burnout, learning how one gets burned out, what to do about it if you are, and how we, as a culture, became so burned out so fast and how to leverage self-awareness to avoid burn out.


083: How to Spot a Good Mastermind Investment with Sara Christensen

In this episode, Jay chats with the master of masterminds, Sara Christensen, founder of Kickass Masterminds. Jay and Sara have a candid conversation about the predatory nature of marketing “gurus,” the isolation of entrepreneurship, how to find the right mastermind fit for you and your business, using “borrowed beliefs,” the art of masterminding, and accelerating success through group dynamics versus the lone wolf mentality.

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