“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

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093: Amplify Your Platform By Business Automation and Making the Right Connection with Steve Gordon

In this episode, Jay interviews author, podcast host and founder of The Unstoppable CEO, Steve Gordon. Steve has made the transition from becoming a CEO of an engineering firm (at age 25!), to launching his current brand, where he helps service-based entrepreneurs increase their visibility and authority so they can increase sales.


092: Use Legal To Grow Your Business with Victoria Smolyar

In this episode, Jay chats with Victoria about legal challenges for small business owners and early-stage entrepreneurs, how business owners can change their viewpoint of working with a business attorney, ostrich syndrome, embracing being woo-woo, leveraging the law for growth and much more….


091: Business Essentials in Human Innovation with Stephan Thieringer

In this episode, Jay talks with Stephan about business empathy, learning how to fail, fitting in mindset versus contributing mindset, entrepreneurial agility/finesse/grace and diversifying your sources of advisors.


090: How to Successfully Scale Your Business as a Single Parent with Aaron Fulk

In this episode, Jay and Aaron have a candid discussion about the realities of what it’s like to launch your own business, including topics like: imposter syndrome, scarcity mindset, what can you do versus what should you do, going all-in, mental health for entrepreneurs, and so much more…


089: Take the Entrepreneurial Leap the Healthy Way with Kevin McArdle

In this episode, Jay talks with Kevin about stripping down your business model to core functions, ignoring the haters, high-stakes entrepreneurial leaps, aligning with one’s niche, don’t overcomplicate your business, navigating culture change, managing a remote work force, and so much more.

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