“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

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084: Beat the Burnout Holistically with Sarah Argenal

In this episode, Jay chats with Sarah Argenal, founder of the Argenal Institute. Sarah is a speaker/author/coach that specializes in dealing with burnout, which is rampant in the entrepreneurial community. Jay and Sarah discuss identifying the symptoms of burnout, learning how one gets burned out, what to do about it if you are, and how we, as a culture, became so burned out so fast and how to leverage self-awareness to avoid burn out.


083: How to Spot a Good Mastermind Investment with Sara Christensen

In this episode, Jay chats with the master of masterminds, Sara Christensen, founder of Kickass Masterminds. Jay and Sara have a candid conversation about the predatory nature of marketing “gurus,” the isolation of entrepreneurship, how to find the right mastermind fit for you and your business, using “borrowed beliefs,” the art of masterminding, and accelerating success through group dynamics versus the lone wolf mentality.


082: Be a Highly Priced Entrepreneur as a LinkedIn Expert with Helen Pritchard

In this episode, Jay talks with Helen Pritchard, a LinkedIn expert who helps clients increase inbound lead generation. Brace yourself–Helen is not afraid to swear in delivering her message as she shares insights with us such as: why you should never ask for feedback, that you want to repel as many people as possible with your messaging, writing love letters to your prospective clients and how she grew her business as a stressed out single mom.


081: Have Enduring Results for Relatively Limited Inputs with Dennis Kiley

In this episode, Jay interviews Dennis Kiley, founder of the Ecopsychology Initiative in Maine. Dennis has developed a training series that helps business owners understand and repair their businesses through the medium of the principles of nature. As such, the two discuss the value of nature in keeping the entrepreneurial mind calm, how to leverage nature to increase your problem solving ability, viewing your business as having seasons and acting accordingly, etc–it was a refreshing and out of the box dialogue with some immediately applicable takeaways. Check it out!


080: A Journey to True Happiness- Walk the Path with a Balanced Mindset with Ody Andrianos

In this episode, Jay chats with Ody Andrianos, founder of Ody’s Gym. Ody is a wellness coach that is working on launching a retreat center; he currently owns two gyms and teaches his clients at the intersection of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes. Ody and Jay talk about: how it’s all about mindset, surrounding yourself with a culture of confidence, unpacking the limiting beliefs that hold us back, allowing success versus forcing it, the masculine and the feminine of business, quantum physics in entrepreneurship and so much more….

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