“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

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079: Build a Business that You Really Want with Authentic Marketing with Brandi Johnson

In this episode, Brandi Johnson joins us; Brandi is a marketing consultant for small business owners and entrepreneurs and she brought a wealth of knowledge to the table. If marketing is your challenge, this is your episode. Jay and Brandi discuss topics such as: introducing sequencing to your marketing, SIMPLIFYING your marketing strategy, brand congruence, how to retain marketing companies and identifying which risks you want to take when marketing your product or service.


078: Be A Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur with Dov Baron

Jay says this is one of his favorite episodes to date–here he chats with Dov Baron, a powerhouse coach, best-selling author and speaker. They cover: why every entrepreneur needs to be pissing people off, how to create a purpose-driven culture (even if you’re a solopreneur), navigating entrepreneurial shame, identifying the rational lies in our decision making, benefitting from massive setbacks, and so much more…..


077: How to Prevent Bad Moments with Michael O’Brien

In this episode, Jay talks with former pharma executive, Michael O’Brien, who after suffering a near-fatal cycling accident now serves as an author, speaker and coach. Michael’s newest book is “My Last Bad Day–Shift” where he focuses on not letting bad moments turn into bad days. Jay asks him about that process during the podcast, as well as: learning to trust the process, playing Superman in your business, how to exercise patience as an entrepreneur, chasing band-aids, not personalizing setbacks, and how Michael responds to bad moments by taking a PBR.


076: Avoid the Pitfalls of Being a High Achiever with Maki Moussavi

In this episode, Jay connects with Maki Moussavi, transformational coach and author of The High Achiever’s Guide. Given the title of her book, Jay and Maki discuss many of the pitfalls that get high achievers stuck and standing in the way of achieving their own happiness, such as: following the rules, being a better risk taker, imposter syndrome, how to pivot out of corporate, sitting with not knowing all the answers, navigating your monkey mind so that you can transcend your default operating system and so much more….


075: Focus on What You Have and Grow Revenue Right Now with Miguel Galvez

In this episode, Jay talks with Miguel Galvez, co-founder of NDB Nanotechnology, an applied materials company based in Boston. Still under 30, Miguel’s company is growing at a rapid rate. Jay and Miguel discuss topics such as: the advantage of starting a business in your 20’s, separating passion from business strategies, is a co-founder the right strategy for you, attributes that investors look for when funding, and the benefit of running a company when you have no clue what you’re doing!

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