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Do you need an entertaining and inspirational speaker for your next sales offsite, corporate retreat or association meeting? As a former Manhattan attorney with over a decade of sales/business development experience, Jay will motivate your attendees through his blend of humor, practical insights and real-world, actionable takeaways.

Jay speaking at Amazon’s Loft in San Francisco.

“Jay did an outstanding job presenting goal setting strategies to our team. His presentation was professional, concise and full of value points that we could implement and use moving forward. I recommend him highly.” Bill Facendini, President of Terra Firma Global Partners

How to Unlock Your Inner-Entrepreneur.

Is your business underperforming? Does your revenue go in fits and starts? Do you work all the time, yet feel there is a delta between your potential and your execution? In this 45-60 minute presentation, Jay will help attendees understand how they are uniquely hard-wired in a business setting and introduce proven strategies to help attendees leverage their areas of giftedness, while minimizing their weaknesses. All attendees will receive an Entrepreneurial DNA assessment, based on the BOSI methodology, which was unveiled at this TEDxTalk. Jay is the only certified advisor of the BOSI methodology in California. This presentation is perfect for lunch and learns, sales retreats, and corporate offsites. To book Jay to present “How to Unlock Your Inner-Entrepreneur,” CLICK HERE.

Retain Jay

Jay enjoys speaking to sales teams, executives and industry associations.  If you need a speaker to entertain your audience, challenge their default thinking and come away with actionable techniques, you should book a call with Jay. Whether it’s a keynote, company offsite, lunch and learn, or a commencement, Jay speaks passionately on the topics of entrepreneurship, personal growth and leadership. To explore retaining Jay for your upcoming speaking engagement, CLICK HERE.


Do you need compelling content to announce a business launch, new product/service, or an executive hire?  Don’t underestimate the power of an interview!  Don’t be another boring straight-shot video droning on about your value prop–let a seasoned professional draw out your highlights and tell your story through powerful questions that establish your credibility and draw viewers in. As a local Chapter Director for Startup Grind, Jay facilitates fireside chats with successful entrepreneurs.  To catch a glimpse of Jay’s prior interviews, click here. “David Frost’s character in Frost/Nixon truly inspired me and taught me the power of an interview to tell a story.  I get excited to use the power of the interview to celebrate and highlight the uniqueness of the subject’s journey, and help them get out of their own way so that their story can shine.”  –Jay Rooke

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